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Free encyclopedia written by voluntary authors; quality of articles is always controlled, so there could not arise wrong articles, even if they are some manipulated, free authors controll and correct the changings (in few minutes) and you can be sure that articles are truthful. But be aware of the "articles history" there you can see changelog. To reduce more faults you also can compare to other encyclopedias. If you want to use Wikipedia for exams or skilled works you have to know that it is only secondary literature and you have to use others sources (primary sources) for better work. In general most Wikipedia articles are better than most non-free encyclopedia volumes. If you want know more about Wikipedia read also:
"adult content"???! For god's sake prejudice against Chinese sites again! This is the Chinese Wikipedia! I don't see you branding the English Wikipedia as dangerous! What the heck?
This is one of many Wikipedia domains. While it is a good source of information the reliability is not always good. For any serious work double check your facts.
Wikipedia Chinese version, useful info website.
Wolna encyklopedia w chińskiej wersji językowej
tommy_99123Thu Jan 15 1970
It's very useful.
Wonderful project!
so useful!!
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