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ZoomInfo is a leading business information provider offering real-time, in-depth profiles of 65 million businesspeople and six million businesses as well as the most powerful tools for searching and targeting.

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Wpwee! They even paid for a Truste webseal. Yawn. So i guess that means this isn't spam they just sent?
They stole personal information and publish on the web. Such as scammer.
lorienglishFri Jan 16 1970
Unsubscribe link leads to "page no longer found". This is a true spammer. How the heck did they get such a good WOT rating?
They say: <blockquote>Profiles in the ZoomInfo Directory are created in an automated process using publicly available information on web sources and contributions from the ZoomInfo community. As a member of our directory, we would like to share valuable and relevant industry news with you from time to time. In addition, we often have the opportunity to offer information about interesting products and services from business partners, and we will occasionally share your email address with them if we think the information will be relevant to you.</blockquote> Translation: "Zoominfo scraped information about you, including your email address, off the web somewhere and created a profile on you. We're going to send you spam, and we're going to sell your email address to some of our fellow spammers unless you tell us not to." Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam and spam.
Spam - avoid.
They violate the CAN-SPAM Act.
This site spams. This site sometimes sends mail to addresses that never existed, which were apparently poorly scraped off web sites.
When their bot visits your site, it makes it look like its a new search engine, but their site is all about SEO, or "Extreme Targeting and Lead Generation". Nothing about searching. The URL in their bot tells you nothing about what they are scraping your site for, and they ignore your robots file. - - [23/Sep/2013:12:59:55 -0400] "GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.1" 200 8407 "-" "NextGenSearchBot 1 (for information visit" - - [23/Sep/2013:12:59:56 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 503 43 "-" "NextGenSearchBot 1 (for information visit"
MariaSuzonneSat Jan 17 1970
How WOT can say this site is trustworthy is beyond me. We get spam from them every few days with stupid stuff like "Are you having trouble logging in?" logging in is a link. #1- we don't have an account with them and #2 they use my email address, but in the body use my employer's name. When you ask to be removed you just get stupid unrelated emails and more of them. They also want to collect your contacts so they can spam them also. 100% trustworthy my foot. WOT needs to have their heads examined if they consider trustworthy. With all the poor ratings they have on WOT how could zoom info be considered 100% trustworthy; maybe they are paying off WOT!! I am so fed up with spammers that I've contacted our attorneys as it is illegal in California. Check to see the laws in your state at If enough people file complaints or prosecute untrustworthy sites maybe they will disappear forever and spam will again be a meat only.
These internet stalkers harvest information about people and feed that back in search engine searches. Not trustworthy.

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