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Zorpia is a social network for meeting new people with friends. Whether it's activity buddies, platonic friendships, dates, life partner or even business networking, Zorpia will help you find, match up, and meet the right people.

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VolksjaegerSat Jan 17 1970
Every single 'girl' I meet on the site turned out to be a fraud trying to drive traffic to adult dating sites. There literally is not a single human being left on that site. They are easy to spot of course they use porn star and models images in the stupid profiles they create and always want to talk using only Yahoo messenger. Good place to be assured to meet 419 scammers, these website traffic directors, and other frauds, that is all.
DoppelagentinFri Jan 16 1970
E-Mail spammer Zorpia Co. Ltd. P.O. Box #28960, Gloucester Road Post Office, Hong Kong
Received link an e-mail, stating that my grandfather had left me a private message. I have never used this site before so I have no idea how they have me email or know who my grandfather is. Don't click on links or give it access to any of your acounts.
It sends a lot of spams regardless of your account setting on its sites. In fact, this is probably one of the biggest spammers over the net.
Unsolicited spam on a non opt-in email address.
Spamming my mail box
quirkymandarinFri Jan 16 1970
SPAM Mails
frognewton75Fri Jan 16 1970
Be careful! This site uses tracking scripts and takes over your contacts. It is phishing. Stay away, just visiting is dangerous.
Spam SITE!
Arend van RiessenThu Jan 15 1970
Spam Site, sure!

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