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Another liberal site that calls anything "right of center" racists and nazis. 100% untrustworthy. Watch them strike you as they call out in pain.
Mom's paladins think that world is white and black.
Literally commits extortion against everyone who isn't part of their inner circle. Either you're already paying 'donations' or they'll slander you until you do.
A good group dedicated to protecting Jewish people
This site promotes a more subtle form of discrimination, whose aims appear to be political in intent and not benign – much like the National Rifle Association in America – this organization has evolved into a different sort of organization other than what it was originally intended in its interpretation of defending human rights and has become extremely authoritarian, paternalistic and censorious. Untrustworthy.
A website that can't take a joke and is run by jewish supremacists.
They seriously think Pepe is white supremacist just by association with it being popular in the alt right.
The ADL portends to be an anti-hate organization, but it only does so by picking and choosing who to defend. Palestinians? No they are treated hatefully just as the whole Zionist movement does. They consider them people without rights, from whom they can steal an entire land. disgusting hypocrisy.
said pepe was a hate symbol lol. Not sure if they know what a meme is...
Literal meme of a website, claims pepe is "hateful"
"The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 "to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all." Now the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all."
Jewish Supremacist Propaganda. Claims to fight against all "defamation" but in truth only serves the interests of the Jews.
SUSPICIOUS DOMAIN: http://www.adl.org/ ***** This PDF file contains an automatic action to be performed when a given page of the document is viewed. Malicious PDF documents with JavaScript very often use an automatic action to launch the JavaScript without user interaction. This PDF document contains AcroForm objects. AcroForm Objects can specify and launch scripts or actions, that is why they are often abused by attackers. ***** ***** http://www.UnmaskParasites.com/security-report/?page=www.adl.org ***** http://quttera.com/detailed_report/www.adl.org
Zionist hate agains humanity
"Given the atmosphere in South Asia’s Islamic countries, the resolutions on defamation of religion will strengthen the extremist elements and groups rather than the people who seek to promote democracy and a culture of tolerance." So in other words the Zionist media will continue defaming, bashing, and attacking Islam, but don't anybody dare think about defaming or even criticizing Jews, Israel, or the Zionists because the A.D.L will come after you. You can say whatever you want about Islam or Muslims, the A.D.L doesn't care about them, but don't you dare speak critically of Jews or Judaism.
jewish propaganda
Apparently spied on over 600 organizations, including Greenpeace (wtf?). Controls far too many organizations in the world and really needs to knock off the crap about anti-Semitism. They're the extremists, and they hold far too much sway in the modern school, social, and political systems.
Why isn't this denounced as a Jewish Supremacist website?
It's quite funny how this site claims to be fighting against defamation and racism in our society but is actually fueling it, they're causing the friction between the races nowadays, with their anti-white propaganda and claiming that the Arabs are somehow these cruel and inhuman monsters that are out to kill us. All they're doing is fighting against Zionism and they claim the west as an enemy simply because we're little more then puppets to the Zionists ourselves. Whether or not the Holocaust did happen is still up for dispute (although they wouldn't want anyone to know) but the fact that the likes of Spielberg happily cash in on their own peoples "suffering" for a quick buck shows just how pathetic they really are. Some criticise this website for defending solely Jews and "minorities" but that isn't correct either, it's obvious to anyone that opens their eyes that these minorities are simply puppets themselves, and will be discarded shortly if their plans go ahead. As of now, the Zionists have made the white race out to be the evil monsters or our age, so to are they starting to make the Arabs the monsters, after the Caucasian race (both Europeans and Arabs) are destroyed whose going to be the next people that caused the Holocaust? You watch, Asia is already being flooded with African "refugees" and once the Caucasian race has been destroyed the Asian race will follow. The Jew's are simply parasitical pests that show no shame in cashing in on their peoples false suffering.

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