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il y a 4 ans
I would rather not be lied to when I call the customer service department of a website. Allow me to explain. I have a very close friend celebrating her birthday this Sunday. She lives in another city so I did an Internet search for flower shops in her area, which is a suburb of Nashville, TN. I clicked on a site and at the top it said, “Best Mount Juliet, TN Same Day Flower Delivery!” I don’t need a same day deliver but I looked around the site at their birthday arrangements anyway. I found one I liked but I had a few questions. She lives in a gated community so I wanted to know if this particular shop delivered to there. I also wanted to know if they made deliveries of Sunday. I called the 800 number on the website hoping to reach someone in the store. After the laborious press 1, press 2, etc, etc. a customer service representative came on the phone. CSR: Avas Flowers, how can I help you? ME: Hi, listen I’m looking at your website and before I place my order I have a few questions. First of all, do you deliver out in the Del Webb community there in Mt. Juliet? CSR: (pause) just a moment. you said you are on the website? Could you scroll to the bottom and tell me the pin number. ME: The what? CSR: The pin number, it’s at the bottom. ME: Wait!! I wanted to talk to someone in the store. Are you in the store in Mt. Juliet? CSR: Yes. ME: Really?! What’s the address of the store? CSR: (momentary pause) Uuum, it’s 300 Corporate Drive. (Just below the previously mentioned pin number on the website it says, “2006-2017 Avas Flowers® Florists. All rights Reserved - we are located at 300 Corporate Drive, Mahwah NJ 07430 – Floral Arrangements & Delivery Services.” (I think it’s safe to think this particular customer service representative is NOT in beautiful downtown Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.) ME: Could I speak to the store manager? CSR: hold on for a minute, (I was then transferred to an automated survey of the call. I didn’t bother to take the survey).
il y a 6 ans
showed one price and tried to charge a different price.

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