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Hasn't failed a fact check. Non profit and independent
The fact they believe in the GND is very telling... AOC is a mouth piece, a puppet. Do your research, follow the money.
One of the best sources for news online. Cover topics rarely covered by mainstream sources.
Independent, award-winning and has been running for many years,
Overall: Democracy Now is a small news agency with a clean, reliable, well-run website. The show has the feel of one of those old-school working-class presses from the Progressive Era. Opinions/Politics: Site is designed for liberal-minded viewers looking for coverage of topics others ignore. They are therefore biased, but totally honest about it. Child Safety: No complaints.
Sehr gute Nachrichtenseite. Ehrlich, ausgewogen, kritsch. Amy Goodman bekam für ihre Arbeit den Alternativen Nobelpreis.
This is a great website that features real news over the repetitive annoying mainstream news. Shows world news and in depth interviews with great correspondents and guests. I highly recommend.
Extremely Biased left wing liberal, socialist, activists, often communist and anarchist views passing themselves off as real unbiased objective news organization however you will never see opposing views and they will never allow negative or opposing comments in any of their blogs or news threads, a common tactic in the spread of mis-information by the bias liberal media pushing agenda's with no interest whatsoever in just reporting the facts and real news. They always spin to their political agenda! Amy Goodman is the ultimate in being against anyone not agreeing 150% with democrat ultra left views attacking them with made up stories and incredibly slanted reporting. Often their "experts" interviewed have deep socialist and anarchist views and a history of such. Just google any of the people they interview. How about Noam Chomsky, who has stated that his "personal visions are fairly traditional anarchist ones, with origins in The Enlightenment and classical liberalism"and he has praised libertarian socialism. Source: ***** --------------------------------------------------------- More proof about the bias in their "reporting" if that is what you'd like to call it, is the incredible spin on this housing story which totally ignores the causes and just looks at the end result and claiming racism. If they did any investigation at all or were familiar with the housing and lending industries they would know these troubles were caused by those on the left promoting looser lending standards to minorities that could not afford the loans for the long term knowing there would be a huge amount of defaults. http://www.democracynow.org/2013/8/6/a_dream_foreclosed_as_obama_touts Democrats were the ones fighting the hardest to push banks and force them to write more loans to people they knew would eventually default on under penalty of being found guilty of discriminatory practice despite only using the borrowers financial ability to pay. When these stories get told, it should be by those whom are familiar with not just the end result but all the process which led to the outcome. Check out Barney Frank and Maxine Waters fighting regulators who argue looser lending standards will lead to catastrophic results which we've eventually seen in the housing market but when that happened Barney Frank and the other democrats now claim they never said or fought for what can be clearly seen by anyone on C-SPAN videos, the only problem is most people are ignorant to the facts, politics, history therefore they eat up this liberal gibberish spin. More proof in this video, ignore the election rhetoric and just look at the video and news article info: *****
For true democracy to work, people need easy access to independent, diverse sources of news and information. A national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists. Investigative journalism is more important now than ever before in American history.
The most powerful website to know the truth inside the USA. Also, you have the opportunity to learn the English language by listening & reading the news.
Bon site d'information.
Very biased left-wing media
Great site for unbiased news
Political commentary & news.
This is what mainstream media should be like, unbiased and open-minded.
What mainstream news media should be.

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