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FurAffinity is a furry art website with very brutal rules that can be bent at the request of popular artists. I do not recommend it.
Avoid it, if you don't want to remain disgusted or even with a permanent shock for the rest of your life. Firstly, this is clearly a furry fan-art website. Most of the posts there are actually animals being drawn in various situations. The problem is that I've seen some quite extreme pictures featuring animal characters being crushed, when their organs are cut off, and even worse, the pornography is combined with gore. I can't describe how cruel and violent those pics are, I couldn't even eat sometimes due to those horrible, unbelievable things. If you have children, you must ban this site because believe me, this site will scare them a lot and they will never forget those pictures.
I'm 15 Year Old. I Go To Web Site. It's Safe Website
The true extent of Fur Affinity’s sketchy operating history is not captured in any of the reviews posted. The true extent of the website is much scarier. Users regularly openly admit to being zoophiles (people who sexually assault animals) on their profile pages. On the forums, moderation is almost non existent and became a hotbed of radical politics and white supremacy before politics were banned entirely. Users are regularly sexually harassed and canvassed by sexual predators, especially if they are minors. Users are also regularly bullied by other members of the community wit little to no moderation intervention. Conversations about highly explicit topics regularly occur, with minors discussing these things with the adults present. Whether or not that’s actually illegal, I’m not sure because I’m not a lawyer, but it’s definitely possible in its jaw-dropping extent. I have seen users defend drawn child pornograghy in the chats with minors present. The bottom line is that this website is not minor friendly at all and should frankly be banned for its atrocious attempt at separating adults from minors on an obviously adult oriented website (read: copious quantities of ethically suspect drawn porn).
Perfect if u want to see sum nice fucked up hentai in all possible wariants
Не плохой сайт
I use this site a lot even before I got WoT install, the staff that run it all make sure there security is safe and more harder for hacker to break in!
It has been one of the most popular furry websites for years, but it is plagued with a horrible reputation and pitiful coding and staff. Passwords have often been leaked and there is no way to delete your account. The only thing that makes it worth while are the users. It's best to just stay away from this site, though, and use something more modern like weasyl, furrynetwork, or sofurry.
The largest furry community on the internet. While they have blocks so that people under 18 cannot see pornography, some people may mark their furry porn as "Mature" rather than "Adult" without realizing that it was supposed to be marked as adult content hence underage people can see it. Some people may deliberately mark it G rated or Mature, they can get in trouble for that. My 14 year old is on here and adult content shows up on occasion on her account, we both report it as incorrect rating.
Furaffinity is not a bad Website, it just have bad owners :s
This website is safe, but it will have nudity, not for childrens to see.
Sexism, discrimination, genital mutilation propaganda.
This site can be pretty cool if you're into art featuring anthropomorphic animal characters. However, even with the site's "SFW" filter enabled (as it is by default for non-registered users), the chances of accidentally stumbling across art related to people's weird fetishes (if not outright pornography), are extremely high. If you're under 18 or don't plan on seeing a major example of "Rule 34"* in action, browse this site with caution. *If you don't know what "Rule 34" is, it means: "There is porn of it, no exceptions."
Очень хороший сайт! Пусть и не без недостатков.
Furry art site. After registration, adult artwork is accessible. Up to this point I would say "Good Site", but... Administration is incompetent and unprofessional. They make decisions based on personal taste, promote incompetent friends for positions and ban people over personal grudges, or for pointing out issues. Bugs and security holes go unpatched for years. Head admin was caught blatantly lying to users a thousand times. However, it's sadly the nexus of the furry community. There is only one better site, which is a ghost town. So in the end you have no choice but to go to FA if you want to be part of the online community life. If you are an artist, FA is the only place to go for exposure and commissions.
Einer der größten Furry Artwork Seiten, die ich kenne. Die Seite hat schon vieles erlebt, aber man sieht: Sie steht noch und ist solide, wie immer. Andere Seiten bieten mehr Funktionen an, aber diese Seite ist einer der Klassiker für Furry Artwork Künstler.
Major degeneracy. It's the biggest cancer of the planet.
It's not realy a site for children ....its better they go to Deviantart ...too easy to fake your age and unblock the adult content that could be very chocking .
Recently added an advertising service which includes trojans, namely downloads for malware Android mobile packages, TSADBOT, Radlight DivX Movie Player, and BARGAINS.EXE so far confirmed. Ads contain explicit pornographic images and distasteful (and illegal in many countries/municipalities) services such as simulated rape, online gambling, bestiality (doglove.com ads) and online prostitution. Using script-blockers such as Ghostery and Greasemonkey will break the site's functionality, because the ad-serving code is actually integrated into the site buttons, making it difficult to impossible to use.
Interesting site - you can find fanart of well, usually furry animals but NSFW content is present so browse with care.
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