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Buy games from the publishers, not these scummers
This site offers game keys from shady and 3rd party re-sellers. i bought 2 Rise of The Tomb raider keys and they were both invalid, tried contacting support and havent got a response yet even though they say they have 24/7 support, i will be issuing a chargeback from my bank from these scumbags. They seem to be active when you look at their twitter feed and if you look at their facebook page, they are active but several people can't get refunds/working keys including myself.
I was really sketched out by this site, and I still kinda am, but a buddy of mine told me that he got CoD: AW on here for cheap so I tried it and what do you know, I got my key. This is probably the last time using this site though, as a lot of other haven't gotten as lucky.
estoy feliz con este sitio, he comprado aqui, y me han enviado las llaves de los juegos steam en un instante . recomiendo comprar aqui
Customer service is bad enough that you should not buy here. If they write the wrong product content you receive when you pay for it they will not refund. And they are generally not very cooperative.
Unsolicited spam on a non opt-in email address.
Günstige Spiele Key und Gifts.
Personally i made 1 order there and did receive a working key within 5 minutes nothing was wrong and the key is working well for online play too nothing wrong with them so far if my key stops working i will edit my post :) Edit: also i did not have to give them any copy of my ID or anything else like that within my purchase
3 clés achetés. j'ai eu un soucis avec une clé. J'ai contacté le Staff (en anglais) qui ont résolu mon problème (je n'arrivais pas à lire la clé qui m'a été envoyé en image et je ne distinguais pas bien les S/5 ou O/0) Très satisfait, je recommande !
Placed order, then after placing order was asked for information on where I live, and for photo ID, and a written note. Feels like a scam.
I'm buy my first (LAST) key in this store!!! After I make and pay my key, they send me lot of questions about my: IP, Home address, DoB, ID ....
Key merchant. 3 orders, 0 problems. Cheap.
Some site selling *pirated* software keys. The site uses a Malaysian "whois protection" proxy to conceal their ownership. When (not if) the keys are deactivated by the software maker, you are out whatever money you paid them, as well as the software you thought you purchased. Avoid this site at all costs. Do not give them any personal information!
I once buyed MW3 from these guys but it took 4 days(!!) to receive my CD key, which is redicious. To make it even worse: When I tried to activate this key, it appeared to be a duplicate. I emailed g2play about this and received a new one eventually, but I will never buy from these guys again.. Im a regular customer at ***** now and I love them. Not only the prices are far cheaper then others, but all the keys I bought were sent to me in less then 5 minutes!
im on g2play like 1 year or something like that i buy every game on this site =) never got any problem from it =) !!!
I bought a few steam/orgin games from there (Mw3, BFBC2) and i had to harass them to give me a working key. They first game me a duplicate key, but eventually gave me a working key. And btw u need a passport/driver license so they can check its your PayPal, but you can black out the passport number. AND DONT BUY RETAIL CD KEYS, OR WINDOWS 7 KEYS OR SOMETHING THEY ARE SHIFTY PEOPLE AND WILL GIVE YOU A BLACKLISTED OR USED CD KEY.
Pro: - Fast - Cheap - Secure (you need to verify your identity) Con: - Steam (and maybe others, too) does NOT accept "used keys". They don't ban them but you won't get support. - Only a small choice of games. - Suspicious shop from Singapore with a server in Netherlands and domain whois protection from Malaysia. I really don't want to know where the keys are from. One was from a Russian version. Conclusion: Everything went fine for me but I can't say what they do with my personal information. Your choice. Better buy the keys one by one and check them before you buy another one. Don't expect support from Steam or any other Publisher with those keys.
When I tried to make my very first order, I kept getting harassed by the staff to hand over my phone number. No thanks, I don't make a habit of handing over very personal information to a somewhat-suspicious online store.
Cheap keys, fast delivery by mail. have bought 3 games in total...good site they may have had bad experience in the past but i am pleased, good service cu@ cod4,2 and MoH

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