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18 mai 2015
“My Gearbest experience has been very good so far, after I ordered my first item it was packaged up and shipped out in under 3 days. This seems very good compared to other Chinese companies! I received a confirmation email telling me that my product had been shipped and also telling me all the shipping information. I also received an image of the package taken on a set of scales, I found this very cool as you know that they're thinking about you and they want to show you that your package is leaving intact. I also contacted customer services and the response, although it took some time to be replied to (5 days and also during the Chinese new year period), the information on the reply was very well written and also solved most of my problems. The Gearbest live chat, although it may take some time to be connected and replied to, it is very good as it runs 24/7 which is handy in the UK due to the time differences. The answer's are usually very clear. There is many complaints about the company on this website and my experience has been very good and the customer service is very friendly and the English is pretty good in the email and live chat replies. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone else that want's cheap but quality products from an excellent Chinese company!! I would definitely recommend!”
11 mai 2015
I have placed many orders with Gearbest.com because they have the lowest price and the fastest shipping! My order arrived in 9-15 days to Canada which is very fast compared to other online sellers! Customer Service is very quick to reply and solve any problem you may have.
20 mars 2015
All their smart watches have 4.5 star review but if you check reviews elsewhere the reviews are much different
19 mars 2015
Free shipping is a lie! I placed an order and paid for it, then I was told (after 3 days) that they can not free shipping, so I need to extra pay.
16 janv. 2015
It was as said, 25 working days for delivery. The item was as advertised. The items at gearbest are superb that topped with free shipping and out of this world discounts, why would I do online shopping elsewhere. I have directed all my friends to shop here.
After my second purchase, they asked me by email to pay some extra fees for shipping than what was initially asked during the order (which came out to be not less than 25% of the items price). This is not really what I call honest.

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