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The website is trustworthy, no viruses or anything... I don't understand why people are rating it so poorly, just because they're getting a few emails. If you don't like it, unsubscribe, if unsubscribing doesn't work, just block their email.
Far too much 'clickbait' within the site, the worst of which I've just seen is an 8 night stay in New York, Vegas and SF. I clicked because the 'from £150' price was far too good to be true. I was right, that was just the deposit! I remember now why I stopped using them (I've also had too much poor quality merchandise. They refund when asked, but it's just not worth the trouble). Only ever use them if you're buying a branded product you're already familiar with, and be aware, the manufacturer is probably selling off stock through other retailers which may be cheaper.
Nothing wrong at all with this site and never had a problem.
I have used this site for some years and have NEVER experienced any adverse issues. I signed up with Groupon about 4 years ago and have bought many of their offers
The only problem I find is that some of the 'Adult' themed vouchers would be unsuitable for children to see, other that very happy overall
In violation of 'GNOME' trade marks
Safe site - I have purchased goods and services via this site. However, please read ALL the terms and conditions carefully before you purchase anything. Also, the same applies for subscribing to their email list, their emails can seem like spam but it is what you agree to when you give them your email. Unsubscription works without a problem.
A Site that offers coupons and vouchers that can be used at advertised participating venues but a lot of the venues will not except them.
I have no idea why this has an orange 'unsatisfactory' reputation - this site is brilliant and I have purchased through Groupon many times and saved a lot of money!
Used to be really good site not not so much as they really spam users with multiple emails every day...
Many good offers, though you need to compare prices. Easy to contact in case of problem, prompt support action or refund.
this site has been going for years. If you don't want anything from it then don't log in.
Have never had a problem with anything I've ordered from this site - good value and good experience all round.
fantastic site. so easy to use and has loads of interesting deals and discounts. i would never have been able to afford IPL. i can also get 10% cashback with shopper discounts and rewards on groupon so that's a bonus too :) you can easily do a 'search' and accidentally sign up to tons of different search alerts. it's pretty easy to unsubscribe though. incredibly easy to use, i go to this site at least once a week to check out the latest deals. I only put a low child friendly rating because sometimes they have deals for adult toys, lingerie etc
They save credit and debit card details without consent with no option to remove them.
Some prices are cheaper on ***** Legitimate website. Sends 2 mails per day, which explains the low rating.
Have used them to buy cheap glasses for several years now and saved myself a fortune. No problems with spam.
If you don't use a spam filter or Gmail and a adblocker/pop up blocker then don't moan about pop-ups or spam. The technology is there, you're just choosing not to use it.
Why is everyone complaining that they won't unsubscribe you? Obviously when you select that, they should, but if they don't just block the email address they're sending it from. Groupon certainly aren't the only company guilty of this. This isn't 1985 guys, come on, take some personal responsibility for your inbox. Companies are there to make money, don't expect them to babysit you
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