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This site showed up when searching for info about Blue Hawk fans.
Political disinformation site. Reference: *****
A website created by lying billionaires designed to convince people they shouldn't be taxed and for everyone else to not only enjoy that but also give their voting rights up. Complete BS.
This site is full of misinformation. One example is of an article I just read that claims there are union bosses. There is no such thing as a union boss. All union positions are voted on every 2-4 years. No one position has absolute authority over a union. All critical decisions are voted on as well in union member meetings. Also you don't get to lead just because you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.
A very conservative biased site that presents ideas without any attempt to give a balanced point of view. A conservative think tank that perfectly shows how a lack of diversity of opinions can lead to a terrible understanding of the country you live it, no matter how much you dress it up.
This site is a source of extremist political bias and disinformation, and has promoted misleading claims regarding global warming and the health dangers associated with tobacco. This site is in no way a source of reliable news information. See: ***** and see: *****
This is a notorius far-right website.
Even though the information is based on republican ideals The facts have good reliability and is trustworthy.
A well-funded, ultra right propaganda entity based in Boston. Lives in an echo-chamber of pro-mega business interests. Wraps itself in the American flag and purports to be ultra true patriots. "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel." ~ Samual Johnson
The Heritage Foundation is a conservative thinktank with a noticeable bias in favor of the GOP and theoconservative, traditionalist values. For this reason, I would advise caution when reading any research available on or published by this site. Although a lot of research goes into the information it provides, a lot of it bias is incorporated into their work which endorses their political agenda. Heritage is a well-known entity in politics, for both good and bad. The site is safe to your computer, but from an ideological standpoint I have many concerns.
The view of the Blind and deluded.
This is a conservative think tank site. The information and articles have a strong bias towards Republican Ideas. Because of this, the information is displayed in a way that may be offensive to Democrats or other liberal parties. That being said, the site is completely safe.
This site has mostly biased conservative opinions.
Site full of misinformation.
The Heritage Foundation is pushing the bloated defense budget over social responsibility. They are also pushing a failing over budgeted F-22 and F-35 spending for Lockheed Martin, air craft that Air Force pilots are saying are giving them health problem with toxic gases and materials entering the cockpit. Yet the Heritage Foundation and the Koch brothers want to increase the spending on this failing program and use cuts in social support programs to pay for this kind of overspending. This goes against their original charter of cutting wasteful defense spending.
Тот самый 1%.
***** is a safe site with factual information. There is no reason to rate it untrustworthy and there is no way that you will get a virus from this website,
Received unsolicited spam (subject "Get America Back On Course") promoting this site (heritage.org)
Best source for in depth analysis of the issues of the day
Exactly what this country needs.

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