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Anti-science with lots of misinformation.
Website promoting misinformation. Google needs to clean up their rankings of pseudosciences that masquerade as real science to misinform the public for their religious propaganda. Our children deserve to learn truths based on evidence based research findings. Googled "vestigial leg bones in whales" and this evolution-denying, creationist website came out on top. Very scary.
I personally don't agree with much of the sites content, but it is in no way malicious. I find it disturbing that there are people giving this site negative reviews as if it were actually harmful, because they have a difference in opinion.
I don't agree with the opinions presented on this site, but it is a completely legitimate and child-safe website.
A site with exceptionally heavy Christian Bias. Touts widely held scientific theories as false and uses poor sourcework and misinterpreting and misrepresentation of sources, quotes and ideas to back up it's spurious claims. Do not trust this site's information. Example, their article that the Mitochondrial Eve lived 600 years ago is clearly false to anyone having studied the topic, however it uses poor sources to backup it's point of view.
If you are a Conservative, Protestant, Christian, you will probably like this site and will probably will rate it highly because you agree with what it says. BUT, If you aren't, you probably won't like the site and probably won't rate it highly because you disagree with what it says. But it is safe for children - no pornography is found on the site, it uses no hate speech, and it is true to its beliefs - i.e. it tell no lies. People shouldn't be hard on a site just because they disagree with it or don't like what it says.
Cherry picks or manipulates evidence to support its claim, ignores mountains of evidence to the contrary. Dinosaur bones are only found below the KT boundary. Human remains are only found above the KT boundary. The only time a human remains have been found within a reasonable distance to make the assumption that they may have coexisted have been in circumstances where evidence supports landslides or fast moving water, e.g. flooding, et. al.
Good site, those which say it discriminates and has hatred on it how about some proof. I suppose everyone which has a different opinion of how those accusing this site of hate and discrimination would call me and all others haters and prejudice because we have a different opinion.
Try to look scientific but it is only creationist propaganda. Misleading scientific data.
Anti-science site which publishes blatantly false interpretations of reality. "Science based on Christianity" News flash, science can't be based on anything other than evidence. Also falsely represents the scientific community making claims like "In fact, many scientists now hold that creation is much more scientific than evolution." Check out potholers YT videos on their claims if anything seems out of place. He does a great job debunking the blatant flaws in their arguments/"evidence".
Vast stupidity marketed as science. It isn't. Creationism is exactly the same as believing in fairy tales because somedbody wrote them down.
An illegitimate, pseudoscientific website espousing views filtered through a heavy Christian perspective. Established scientific theories, such as Darwinian evolution and the origins of the universe, are completely dismissed as unworthy of serious consideration on the premise of not being Christian enough. Rhetoric and fallacies are then employed in an attempt to justify their faith and hold it as a superseding force over science. Rather than attempting to synthesize scientific and religious views by accepting contemporary science and reinterpreting or reforming their faith to correspond to this, these faux "scientists" instead take a very unscientific route and forsake all intellectual honesty in favor of pushing their own religious agenda. This site is a disgrace and no real, credible scientist would consider creationists as anything other than delusional charlatans with a penchant for scientific ignorance. Despite its safety to your computer security, I would forewarn against anyone visiting this site with any serious intentions of reading their drivel. The bullshit they feed people is toxic to your mind and integrity as a rational human being. Do yourself a favor and stay far away. Better yet, encourage others to stay away, as well. Perhaps if we ignore this cancer and let it die with its adherents, we may one day live in a society which isn't so goddamn stupid.
Anti-science site that misrepresents research and outright lies for Jesus.
ICR does scientific research that is based upon a Christian worldview. They are well qualified scientists, some of which hold multiple academic and science degrees and PhD's. Their "Creation Science Update" is always timely and deals with current and late-breaking news in the scientific community. They don't simply state THEIR opinion, but regularly cite numerous secular organizations which are considered to be reputable in the scientific community. They always cite their sources and also provide links to those sources if they are available online.
Full of misleading claims, pseudoscience, anti-science, general hatred towards non-christians. Embarassing
The website has a complete misundertanding of basic biology and science.
Promotes false "creation" science based on a 2000yo book over modern science.
This website is filled with unfounded lies from biased Christians. None of it is based on scientific methodology. Their institution lost accreditation time and time again over the decades, desperately searching for someone willing to support their pseudo-science. They have not been accredited for a long time, nor will they ever be again due to having been caught lying and skewing data multiple times. They have absolutely no peer-reviewed evidence of any of their lies. They cry conspiracy as if the entire planet is on an agenda to discredit religion (as if it has nothing better to do). They are delusional liars that should be avoided. You will not find any truth in their pages.
It is one thing to hold unsupportable beliefs as a matter of faith. It is quite another, as here, to claim that these beliefs are supported by actual reason and evidence. The arguments made are transparently circular, and self-fulfilling - often based on literal accuracy, to the letter, to the digit, of Genesis; but the claim that these are valid is intellectually bankrupt. These are people who believe something and are prepared to warp anything and everything they see to be consistent with that belief. You will find, for instance, an assertion that the solar and lunar cycles were precisely 360 and 30 days until changed by the flood, and the only evidence needed for that is the wording in genesis (never mind that Genesis fails to mention the change itself). And of course, the fact that the numbers in Genesis don't quite make sense without such a calender? Proves that Genesis was written before the flood! Any claim that that this site makes to represent 'science' or reason is utterly fictitious.
Another religious cult site. Contains bible-literalism, speaks against some sexual orientations, and has anti-science theology. It is another right-winged religious site.

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