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Great site for learning English.
No one on Interpals wanted to have a real date. But I had absolutely different experience on ***** - I clicked with a few girls really fast, got their contacts and we kept talking on Viber, then I went to meet two of them. Both were stunning in their looks and absolutely adequate in their behaviour and manners, I could feel that they really wanted these meetings, just like I did. As a result, I have a girlfriend now ( the one I felt real chemistry with), long distance between us doesn't make it easy, but sooner or later we will live together, we are working on K-1 visa. As for my experience on Interpals - it was quite poor.
yes indeed it is a good site but a couple of things will need some changes for the countries filters a tiny bit complicated need to be more simple to use and maybe add a new gender filter from countries we already blocked
I am happy for anyone there who has had good experiences, but my experiences have been poor. I have encountered many married men who are looking for outside relationships without informing me or other women on the site (other women there have told me they have gone thru this too) . Also, I have encountered much rudeness. The rudeness goes anywhere between outright verbal and emotional abuse to simply unethical (married people online lying about what they are looking for or trying to discreetly have affairs with other women!) I wish I could find a penpal or dating site that requires that you check whether you are married or not so that users can know what a person is before they make friends with them. Also, many people on there do not set or respect healthy boundaries with one another (me).
Les gens que l'on rencontrent peuvent être gentils, mais il ne faut pas oublié que certain sont en "chasse" ou tentent de vous imposer leurs idée. Faite attention quoi.
If you want to meet new people, learn another language, or help someone else learn another language then this site is for you. There are usually over 5,000 people online at once (I've never even seen it that low or lower) meaning that there is almost always someone online that shares your interests ind opinions. I find the site quite safe, though you do have to be careful on it like every other site. So if you use common sense (no personal info etc.) you should be just fine. Most the people on InterPals are sincere and actually want to meet new people and etc. so you there really is no need to be wary of that. I've only been on the site for about two months at the time I'm righting this (being on almost everyday), and so far I've made quite a few close friends. I even have met my girlfriend on here, which is really nice. The site does have a couple of annoyances, though they're just minor things that you don't need to bother about.     So all in all, I'd give this site a 9/10. That's an extremely high rating for me, I pretty much never rate anything 10/10 because so far I haven't found anything that's flawless and is perfect for me. So if your thinking of signing up to meet new people or any other reason (as long as you don't act "creepy", stalk, things of that sort) then I would definitely recommend it.
fake profiles at times caution!
Wonderful site, lots of great people, I think everyone should use it!
After signing up for the website, I always receive spam mails from dating sites.
Love the site. If you want to make new friends from other lands give this place a shot.
Useful, informative! Enterteining! Good costumer experience! I SO LOVE interpals aka IP !! You get to meet all kinds of people from all over. And if you set your settings right there wont be SCAM/SPAM or any other kind of annoyment on there! Very much adviceable!
I HATE this site! I came here hoping for a relationship, I haven't gotten one response no matter how hard I tried. Don't waste your time coming to this site, because it's not worth it.
Always a good idea. This is a very nice website.
Place for meeting people.
Haven't really had any problems with this site... for the most part the people are legit.
Great site for meeting penpals and can also be used to work on a language you are learning. I haven't found anything wrong with the site yet. I have made good friends with a girl from China and we are helping each other out with learning English and Chinese.
This is a good site to find penpals from all over the world. I have not experienced any troubles of virus attacks or anything so far, so it all looks very safe to use to me. I hope you will enjoy the site and make some good and long lasting new relations with people worldwide!
nice, free site. i use it for language exchange. a lot of people from all over the world there.
On using the site I was hit by a malware warning from Google Chrome about Interpals having a link to a malware site. This has happened twice and has been reported to Interpals.

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