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il y a 13 ans
This link is very reliable! Connected at the end of this website are very professional individuals and a REAL Regional central accredited university!!!! Trust me I go to school there! :) It is not spam, it is not a scam, it is not a rip off. Affiliates using this link as a scam is not associated with Kaplan University and I hope they get caught. So I hope that this is situated for everybody. If anybody has any PROOF of the things being said about this link please comment! But I have been attending this school for over a year and so far it has been completely legit and a very rewarding and wonderful experience. I am studying to receive my Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting, and plan to continue with Kaplan University to receive my bachelors in Applied Science of Business Administration. Thanks much. In response to gara3987 I have went to ripoffreport.com and have read numerous reports about Kaplan University. After that, i visited BBB and it is there for anyone to see, Kaplan university is an accredited business through bbb with the grade of an A+!!! Also, I have visited various websites INCLUDING American Association for Medical Assistants and Kaplan University Online is the ONLY university that has an CAAHEP Accreditation. This university is being unfairly and Falsely accused of many things. I have attended this university for over a year now, and have had absolutely no problems. And you know why? I am a very dedicated student that has done what is expected of me and have followed all procedures. I have received many loans including living expenses loans in which I HAVE received, was mailed to me, and were worthy of being cashed time and time again. The degree is accredited unlike people are saying. Its rediculous!!! And if you do not believe me search for yourself! http://talent.kaplan.edu/intro.aspx watch it!!! and read up before you believe all these ppl. I hate for others to not get this opportunity because of what ignorant and uneducated people are saying! Take advantage of this opportunity and quit judging them just because you did not follow procedure or directions. Do you work, attend class and you will not have the problems that others are having and then blaming it on the University lol come on now I had to come back and share this link... http://www.rethinkinghighereducation.com/ This is a government blog site that is talking about Kaplan University online. If you do not believe me read for yourself!
il y a 13 ans
Has been reported on Ripoffreport.com: http://www.ripoffreport.com/searchresults.asp?q5=Kaplan+University&searc... They've also lost their contract to Citi Bank.

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At Kaplan Higher Education, we are committed to your college education. Choose between online learning or campus learning, and enjoy flexible hours. We offer various college degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

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