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This is a news organization dedicated to pointing out media disinformation and as such, is a reputable source of information which can be verified. Due to the amount of biased disinformation being promoted for political influence in America, this site might be considered biased, however that is simply the times we live in. See: *****
Hard left wing hate site promoting socialistic views and anti-American commentary. Promotes harassing of advertisers on shows of personalities that they do not agree with.
just another marxist anti-Christian hate site.
Presents an extreme liberal bias and conservative views are roundly suppressed and denigrated. This is not a site for fair, objective information.
Seems very fair and balanced in the way facts are presented.
The Members on this website routinely make comments that constitute hate speech, and this alone makes this site unsafe for children and younger students. For example, there are instances where certain Members have threatened others with physical or sexual violence. The site's organization itself has a strong bias, which presents a conflict of interest. Media organizations with a strong ideological bias' (regardless whether left or right) almost all work the same way: they cherrypick parts of research studies that support their ideology, and ignore parts of studies or entire studies that counters whatever point they want to make. Other organizations that voice concern or dissent are quickly accused as being biased and may see their own integrity under attack. Media Matters engages in all of the above, again making it unsuitable for children and not a good source of information for younger students. However, for high-school and college students, this website is an outstanding example of WHAT an agenda-driven website is, HOW they operate, and WHAT one can do to identify this type of bias (so they can skip to a better source.) It also illustrates one reason that students sometimes struggle to find objective material because, in a world where many agenda-driven organizations self-promote themselves as being objective, identifying potential conflicts of interests, propaganda, false advertising, racism, sexism, etc. can be difficult even for adults.
Nice site. Looks secure :) Go for it
Left-wing hate site filled with mis- and dis-information. Enter at your own risk.
great website exposing the fallacy and lies of the neo fascists and nazis known as the right wing , only a brain dead person would disagree with its objective
3 (YES,THREE) web bugs (Invisible Tracking Cookie) ***** Web bug link to wikipedia”
The liberal mind is the most intolerant in the world when you disagree with it.
Far left bias. Hate filled content. Comments censored if they disagree (only comments showing were far left hate filled vile language under "comments" deleted). Worst kind of language and perversion. DO NOT LET A CHILD ANYWHERE NEAR THIS SITE. BIG DONATION SOLICITATION.
Always attack those you fear (FOX News). To me, this site substantiates Fox.
Left Wing Liberal website correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media. If you don't agree with them user's are either a racist or a bigot or both. Big Donate button
This site is full of leftist propoganda. Don't let your children near it.
Has an odd fascination with Fox News...biased much? Well, the only biased and unreliable sources are conservative ones anyways right? I wonder what they'd say about MSNBC's liberal bias.
Why are the tolerant so intolerant?
Brutally leftist "media" site. Strong bias, little factual content. Stay away.
if a conversative/republican greeted you on the front page, you may already know everything you need to know about this organization.
Exposing Fox news' bias.

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