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il y a 3 ans
IS NEUVOO.CA INVOLVED IN FRAUD? Around the beginning of 2016 an online job agency calling themselves NEUVOO, approached me to run some advertising on my website www.wanowandthen.com The agreement was that clicks to their job adverts would earn a few cents each and as I am on a pension and need every extra cent I can get, I agreed. Returns were fairly small and it took until September 2016 for the amount accumulated to reach the payout threshold of $50. I considered removing the advertising as it didn’t perform that well but in my situation $50 was still $50 and the process appeared to be smooth and painless. The months rolled on and it wasn’t until May 2017 that the next payment arrived. It was slightly less than the first one but again everything seemed to be ok, so I just let the ads continue to run. By February 2018, the threshold had again been reached but on this occasion there was no payment by the due date and it remained in a ‘Pending’ state. I contacted the company to try and find out what was wrong to be told that the clicks had been, "Invalid and misleading traffic”, but perhaps there could be an “exception for you this month”. As the ads were really not performing that well, and NEUVOO’s ads were no longer a trouble-free proposition, I decided at this point to withdraw them. These are the details of the disputed transactions: 06-2017 4.28 (AUD) 4.28 (AUD) Balanced Forward - 07-2017 6.75 (AUD) 11.03 (AUD) Balanced Forward - 08-2017 8.33 (AUD) 19.36 (AUD) Balanced Forward - 09-2017 8.11 (AUD) 27.47 (AUD) Balanced Forward - 10-2017 3.11 (AUD) 30.58 (AUD) Balanced Forward - 11-2017 3.25 (AUD) 33.83 (AUD) Balanced Forward - 12-2017 4.69 (AUD) 38.52 (AUD) Balanced Forward - 01-2018 8.32 (AUD) 46.84 (AUD) Balanced Forward - 02-2018 11.12 (AUD) 57.96 (AUD) Pending Payment Paypal 03-2018 10.80 (AUD) 10.8 (AUD) Balanced Forward The total amount owing for the period was $57.96 + $10.80 for the following month. NEUVOO.CA expects me to believe that ALL TRAFFIC from June 2017 to February 2018 was “"Invalid and misleading”. Either their monitoring system is not working or this is a flat out lie. Companies like NEUVOO.CA set up agreements with ad publishers like me, so that everything is in their own favour. There is ZERO transparency and no way for ad publishers to verify anything. I put these adverts up in good faith and did not at any time, do ANYTHING to cause the figures to be manipulated. I have been in the Google Adsense program long enough to know that trying to manipulate ads will get you banned. NEUVOO.CA know as well as I do, that ad publishers like I, who do the right thing, have absolutely NO INFLUENCE over who clicks on the adverts and what they do once they have clicked. The only thing I can speculate is that NEUVOO.CA or some of its employees, are engaged in fraudulent behaviour. I am putting this message out onto the internet as a WARNING to anyone who is already hosting adverts for this company, or is thinking about doing so. You have NO RIGHT OF APPEAL even if you have done NOTHING WRONG. NEUVOO.CA can withhold payment at any time for any reason and they essentially get free advertising on your website for months. I was willing to settle this issue with NEUVOO.CA for $60 that would have allowed for some ‘invalid traffic’ if indeed there had been any. I do not believe for one minute that the traffic between JUNE 2107 and FEBRUARY 2018 was all “Invalid and misleading” – this in itself has to be an outright lie. Deal with NEUVOO.CA and companies like them at your own peril.
il y a 6 ans
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