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This is like Youtube, but in Japanese. This is perfectly safe. You can use this website to search for videos like Vocaloid videos.
オーケー包茎ぼく童貞 ポポポポポポ・・・ダルビッシュ CAPTURED EMURATED E M U R A T E D E M U R A T E D イキスギィ! アーイキソ いきますよ、いくいく で、でますよ・・・ ファッ!? ウーン・・・(困惑)
Nico Nico Douga is a Japanese video sharing site. It's similar to YouTube, yet it has many more memes, doujin animations and Vocaloid videos.
The comment sections are literally the worse depending where you're going. Trolls and hate speeches surface every once in a while if you go in the singing section/gaming section. Not advisable for children as you might every often bump into questionable contents once in a while in the rankings. The R18 filtering doesn't work that well since there's a chunk of people uploading fishing(in the sense of deceiving people) videos(thumbnails of cute anime girls) and they do appear in the rankings(for Diary). Be careful when browsing nicodouga if you live with your family/younger siblings. Lots of Touhou almost naked MMD not suited for little kids. There are instances of a love hotel video surfaced to the top of ranking(general section) once and mods are slow at deleting it(took them 24 hours, WOAH.) Lots of NSFW contents whether you'd want it or not. The political surveys are also TAD annoying and they obstruct your view. You can't avoid that fucking survey and whenever you close it 2 hours later it reappears like a plague until you answer it. So F*ck this shit I answered randomly. Things to avoid if you want to remane sane: Inmu(translation: A Midsummer Lewd Dream/Babylon STAGE 34... it's FUCKING GAY PORN, AND IT'S BEEN THERE SINCE LIKE 2010 OR 2009 AND IT'S STILL NOT REMOVED, WHY? BECAUSE THE MODS LIKE IT. URGH. They don't care if children on go their site. And the fucking video have like 200k videos and it's VERY VISIBLE); Billy Herrington videos, a porn star doing erotic sumo grabs (I don't mind him but some people might get offended, meh).He's the Nicodou ver to get rickroll'ed. Might be questionable: Let's Play videos (gaming section); thumbnails of big boobages(phishing/troll video at high risk; not suitable for children anyway). Let me tell you, the mods DON'T remove phishing shit because they like it. And this fact is being supported by some little shithead called Madotsuki who is a very famous member who does this all the time. Also, KOREKORE does it too but he was arrested a year ago for sleeping with a teenager, YAY! BOTH OF THESE CREEPS ARE FRIENDS/GOOD TERMS WITH THE MODS. Prepare for a lot of racism/elitism in the comments depending where you're going. WHERE YOU SHOULD BE GOING: CAT VIDEOS. SFW. Animu/game/depending on your area of interest. Watch general videos if you want Japanese immersion. Also there's a political section but I'd avise you NOT go there. Errrr... and if you enjoy Japanese jokes you can go to Entertainment section but just be careful, 'kay? Political jokes are also present often. Ads are fucking annoying since they have sound and you can't disable them.(on the encyclopedia section) ABOUT THE MODS OF THE SITE: There's been a few scandals involving one of them charged for having sex with a minor or seomthing like that but it was a year ago and the site was in a huge uproar... ABOUT THE COMMUNITY OF THE SITE: Most people stay there for the animu or the lulz but the base community hates the changes made to the site as the new video player was 4x slower than the older one. The site gets criticized every once in a while. It's literally worser than Youtube comments. Censoring is at its best. They delete videos they judge for "infridging copyrights" but sometimes they DON'T if they personally take a likeness to it(see gay porn videos still not being removed+. They sometimes delete videos if you criticize some people on the site.(Rerulili scandal). You can't appeal and restore your videos I've seen a few people suffered from this. For a list of scandals I'll give you a few keywords: Rerulili/DevilishP/Mokou/Jin/Dasoku+Nem/Korekore/Glutamine/etc...SINGING/GAMING section are very troll-prone. They are NOT lenient on COPYRIGHT policy at all. Source: Light Yagami videos being removed from videos he only appears in like...ONE SECOND??? They took shit like this to the EXTREME. They also removed every music clips that were there around 2011/2012.(Mostly J-Pop and J-Rock) There's also a running joke in nicodou where users like to blow the Nicodou headquarters up... The comic section also endorses something akin to child pornography(it's a comic about a male in his twenty-something changing into a small girl and the story is about him putting on other small girls' panties on his head). TL;DR: Weird/good/funny/stupid contents, DRAMA, politic, MESS. IT'S OK IF YOU'RE ALREADY A PERVERT/WEIRDO/KIN/TUMBLER/REDDITOR/MEMEperson but it's NOT OK if you're a SANE PERSON who doesn't want to get into that part. IF YOU CAME HERE FOR VOCALOID VIDEOS THEN I'D SUGGEST YOU STAY ON YOUTUBE. Lots of composers have their youtube channels ready! Brace yourself for hate speeches/trolls every once in a while. Lots of personal attack if you're going to upload videos there if they don't like your content's quality(since there's no dislike button, they're being VERY VOCAL about their opinion). NICODOUGA=99% the other side of YouTube. ALSO, ABOUT THE BANDWIDTH/QUALITY OF THE VIDEOS: Very shitty, you'd better stick with YouTube since they limit your videos' size if your'e not a PREMIUM MEMBER. Yes, you'll need to pay if you want to upload 1080p...or even WATCH them UNCOMPRESSED. VIVA THE RICH. FUCK THE POORS. It's like Reddit. There's good contents and bad ones. OK. It's fun but it's not a SFW territory. Source: I've been a member since 2009 and I know what I'm talking about. The community wasn't this bad before and with the newfags it's now WORSE. You will surely enjoy this place if you hang out at EncyclopediaDramatica.
Some say she only spoke in high pitiched synth. Others implied that the only thing it differenciated itself is to overlay and saturate comments over the actual video to a point where the actual video was blanketed with words... All we know is...it's not YouTube...it's YouTube's long lost japanese cousin!
Актуальный сайт, можно доверять информации, вредных программ не обнаружено.
pagina excelente... pero en japonès :p ningun rastro de malware es solo una red de subida de videos
Good site to watch and share videos.
From my very French point of view, NicoVideo is even madder and creepier than YouTube.
ドワンゴが運営する、動画共有サイトです 基本大丈夫ですが、たまに有害な動画や、画像があるので注意
Safe and secure

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