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don't bother getting vip. they will lie and say it's instant then lie and say it will take 24 hours. i filed a case on paypal which i'm sure they will take these criminals side.
Sometimes the subtitles are correct and sometimes they’re laughably bad or nonexistent. Some shows/movies just display question marks for dialogue even though the voices are perfectly audible??? Wouldn’t recommend
Get adblock Before using this site
a necessary site !!
This site should NOT be reviewed as safe. It is full of adverts to potentially dangerous malware. Just one click in the wrong place almost destroyed my system. I shut down immediately but Windows still had to run a system recovery. When I then looked at my browser history, the last hundred or so entries were "activesecurity.win.......". Avoid this site and get subtitles from somewhere else!
By default a checkbox to download a "subtitle downloading extension" is checked. If you try downloading without unchecking it, you are lead to an aggressive "cant leave this page till you download and run the extension" trap. Some of the supposed subtitles are exe files with trojans. Site is full of ads to malware pretending to be part of the site, but the site itself has some malware too.
Мошенники на сайте нету ни каких субтитров
The website immediately put up an ad on my PC asking that I download a Google Chrome extension. After I repeatedly selecting cancel, it continued to ask for it and the website itself did not come up. Then it played a continous annoucement to "Click here to download extension" wtf. Better alternatives can be found by googling "best source for subtitles"
Apart from all the adware this site became full of, I've just detected with AVG: malware MalSign.Generic.B42 - Trojan Horse Generic. Beware to the file format of the files downloaded from this website!
Uses very aggressive advertising that leads to adware and malware.
This site has EXTREMELY nefarious ads that make you install malware. They will try to force you to install extensions on your browser that are really just viruses. The website deserves to have a red rating. It is not what it used to be.
Of several websites that make those subtitles available for downloading, opensubtitles.org is the only one that abuses the work of volunteers to make a profit for itself. And it started doing so without first asking consent of the creators of these custom subtitles. Besides relatively harmless adds on the website, it also edits advertisements into the uploaded subtitles. The owner of the website doesn't ask for permission to do so, nor does he tell in advance. He just changed his policy and started editing all these subtitles with automated software. Besides that being unethical, it is also very illegal to do so. Since these subtitles translate spoken words from commercial movies and TV-shows, the only thing that made them ethically responsible, was the fact that the creators didn't make any money from their efforts. They where filling in a gap in the entertainment industry that is being created by selling movies and TV-shows without (decent quality) subtitles. The website opensubtitles.org may very well cause governments to make these custom subtitles illegal. Al because this website owner want's to make a quick profit.
It is an okay site. Not the best, not the worst.6/10.
Pop-Ups that redirect to Porn sites on occasion.
virus détecté par AVG virus dangereux pour sous titre french A Hole in my Heart
It has been flagged for malware by 3- really 4 services: http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/opensubtitles.org https://www.google.com/transparencyreport/safebrowsing/diagnostic/index.html#url=opensubtitles.org
Só pode estar de brincadeira o povo que classificou como "Good site" o [opensubtitles.org]. O site tá recheado de Adwares! Se precisar acessá-lo, esteja de corpo fechado com bons programas antivírus/spyware. Melhor: se não for algo urgente, tipo tirar o pai da forca, vai entrar lá pra quê?? [opensubtitles.org] aparece na hpHosts (http://hosts-file.net/?s=opensubtitles.org), assim como é denunciado como perigoso pela ***** (http://www.scumware.org/search.scumware).
Great for finding your wanted subtitles,but the ads are a very bad problem unless you're extremely careful,and although i've found it to be clean of viruses so far.I use it rarely since 99% of my media downloads include subs plus there's another alternative subtitle website www.subscene.org,but it's mostly Anime related subtitles which i will rate a.s.a.p if and when i'm unable to download the 1% media file without Japanese subs which i vastly prefer to english versions
The one and only place I trust to obtain movie subtitles for my language. Good website. Try to not download the extension though.. hehe
Contains many misleading ads that are designed to trick viewers by appearing to be part of the website's user interface.

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