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My experience with this group that claims to be Gods Prophet Gerald Flurry , ordained by none other than Gerald Flurry. Not my Heavenly Father. Every time i go to either site i contract a virus of some kind and it renders my computer unable to start because they dont like to be proven wrong. They dont teach GOD S WORD. So i would not be surprised if GOD forsakes them. They are a dangerous type .. NOT SAFE. I demand an investigation. Some one is sending out malware and viruses in kansas from the IP address of 166.186.66 . I have done a little bit of sleuth work my self and the ip address with the addtion of one more number (can be any #) but the Location is the same!!! Kansas between rt 56 and interstate 35 NW 120 th street. SOMEONE IS SENDING ME VIRUSES AND MALWARE and making all kinds of unauthorized changes to my computer I dont live anywhere in the MID WEST. . There should be an investigation. They do NOT teach what Jesus Taught. They refuse to teach about the Serpent seed which is the truth. Jesus taught it. this group thinks that God s Elect are only them. and not so, because They dont teach what Jesus taught about the wheat and the tares! They only teach their traditions which voids the Word of God. I have read Gerald Flurry about becoming a Spiritual Jew. wtf is a spiritual jew?Jesus Himself was against the Pharisees. the Jews rejected GOD himself in the flesh. He is already a spiritual jew, because he doesnt teach ALL of Gods Word. THE WORD is Jesus. Emmanuell , God with us! . DONT TRUST THOSE at pcog.org OR philadelphia church of god. their rock is NOT MY ROCK. and my ROCK is GOD. capitol "G"!

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Official website of the Philadelphia Church of God. Welcome to pcog.org, the official website of the Philadelphia Church of God. Here you can find out about the Church, our mission, our people and our beliefs.

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