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primewire.ag is a good movie streaming site, it does have ads which could be annoying.. apart from that good site!
good site for online watching, slight problems with some of links not all of them open and work properly, the site does support popups so you really should use the site if you have adblocker/popperblocker, if you dont have a problem clicking a lot of ads to close them then go ahead without it still totally safe
primewire.ag this site has broken links, some good.. not all, you need to beware to use this site with adblocker and to be cautious what to open and what not, apart from that good site for movies it has a good tasteful choice.
primewire.ag looks good but lots of pop-up! would't recommend children use and I wouldn't give my personal details but I might give it a shot
Great site for streaming movies. Primewire ag ia safe and easy to use. They have all the new movies and most of the classics.
Enter from google and select an option. The option does not go to a film but to an advert from an unknown supplier that has already a WOT "stay off" warning. Trying to go where you want to go seems to be impossible and is essentially phoney processing of your request. I did not meet any malware (at least none that the usually very reliable Kaspersky picked up), but the risk is there. All told, it is totally unreliable.
Good site, the ads are annoying, but worth it if I'm going to be watching TV Shows and Movies for free.
This website can be very useful and I trust it generally, but there's a lot of ads and pop-ups that should NOT be clicked. Know what you're doing before just clicking away and you should have a lovely experience.
Good website as long as you know how to block the potential attacks it will throw at you. other comments have already given full rundown on that check em out
Let's be honest, this is a site used largely for viewing illegally copied movies and TV shows. Granted they are not hosted by Primewire, they just provide the links, however if you don't have ad blockers installed there is a lot of dodgy stuff that pops up. A lot of the links are to content that is definitely not suitable for children and a lot of what pops up isn't either. There are also popups that ask you to download various bits of very suspicious software. By way of example, using Lightbeam in Firefox if you log into Primewire it links to 60 third party sites!!! Is it good? Yes if you know what you are doing and are careful but always be suspicious of what pops up. Make sure you have ad blocking software installed and that will stop a lot of the crap. Is it suitable for children? Without ad blocking software ... NO. With ad blocking software ... under supervision.
Does what it promises. However, without ad blockers and pop-up blockers, the site would be impossible to navigate. You have to choose which links to follow carefully, as some are phishing links, but you learn pretty quickly which domains are safe. This site does not own the links, just presents all possible links. I've never gotten malware nor a virus and can always get to the content I want.
Excessive pop-ups, often unsafe.
If you can avoid the popups. Use Adblock that helps a lot. I also use the free version of Sandboxie, so I can delete the contents of the site after streaming. You will notice how much when you click on delete the contents. If you don't want to try Sandboxie, then at least Ccleaner or Advance System care by Iobit will help. It is better to keep your system clean as you go.
The site is perfect if you use adblock, have a nice one! Just, don't click on the fake 'sponsor host' if you want to watch something. These are misleading links to scam sites.
in order to use this site without any problems, u MUST use a ad blocker and a tracker blocker. For Firefox i use ad blocker plus and there secondary program popup blocker as well as the ghostery tracker blocker. these add ons will make it so almost all pop ups and ads are blocked and should speed up all of ur browsing on all sites. i have never ran into any viruses directly on this site, any 3rd party links on this site should be checked out before clicking. hope u enjoy any movies and TV shows u find ;)
Thanks to this site all TV shows which are not available in my country or movie which I can't go to watch or movies which I want to watch again are finally accessible. System does show warning for children if movie is graphic in nature but it's easy to bypass them, then we know it's every where.
According to Google Safebrowsing, this site is infested with malware: https://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=primewire.ag/
Illegal movie streaming website. Hides behind CloudFlare.
An excellent website; I use it often. My only issue with it would have to be that it's best when you have an adblocker installed to your computer. Otherwise, there are quite a few ads. Primewire kind of works as a gateway to other sites that have the content you want, so I always make a good habit of checking the website I'm going to before I click on the link. I rated the "suitable for children" section as "be cautious" because some of the ads I've seen before have had somewhat racier content (nothing too serious). But if you have an adblocker, you'll be just fine. I've never gotten a virus or anything sketchy from this website.

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