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This site is a good informative. Unfortunately the left has got their trolls out defaming sites that offer 'another side" of politics that they do not want to hear or see. This is a good site, no malware, and the trolls hate it!
This site gives accurate thought provoking information (wait! To some people (Thought Provoking) that is dangerous) WOT is being co-opted (S.O.P. of Little Hateful Lefty Bloggers in Mommy's Basement). AC If you have a "Fact Based" reason to pan a site please illuminate us; don't do it for political bias. We, The People are on to your silly tricks). "By Any Means Necessary" has a deadly legacy; ...hear is a refreshing idea, win us over with, plausible and honest dialogue ...for a change, that we can believe in... PEACE
This site is filled with misleading propaganda and hate. It seems its whole purpose is to subvert any progress we try to make as a nation and support the oligarchy that got us into trouble in the first place.
Self appointed, extreme leftist thought police have joined together to marginalize this website by rating it as untrustworthy, because they disagree with its' views. Its' yellow rating is purely politically motivated.
This is a worthwhile news aggregate. America-hating leftists (i.e. democrats) probably won't approve.
Appears to have politically based down rankings.
Voted down by people with left wing views. Nothing wrong with the site. Nothing indicating a virus or that sort of thing. Just some left wingers that do not want an opposing viewpoint heard.
ONLY lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist extremists dislike this site because it reports THE TRUTH, THE FACTS and REALTY - the three things the socialist extremists are most afraid of.
Excellent informative site. Downgraded by leftists, communists, and Marxists
This site posses no risk whatsoever.
There is nothing wrong with this site PERIOD!! You liberals are pathetic and could care less about free speech unless it's your authoritarian speech!
Liberals downgrade weazelzippers because it tells the truth.
WOT is losing credibility with these George Soros minions down rating right of center web sites. Is this what media matters has the interns do when they aren't watching Fox News?
Complaining about the comment other than Child Safety isn't what WOT is supposed to be about. It is a new/opinion site. There are no viruses, trojans, maleware that I could find
Like other ppl have mentioned, it is a news site. There is nothing wrong with this site on a technical aspect, there are no viruses, malware or identity theft bots. The only reason this site is being given a low rating is because of ppl not agreeing with their political views. Which is not supposed to be the point of WoT. It is becoming quite obvious that WOT is being developed into a censorship, book burning tool rather than a useful computer tool as it was originally intended. It looks like I am going to have to start rating WOT as not useful on technical sites.
I'm just wondering why conservative, right wing sites are downgraded by WOT., most of them, when I look in to, even rated low degree by few men but rated high is still evaluated as dangerous as others, it'S very strange, that make me belive that wot is directed by extreme left of people.
weaselzippers.us was found on April 24th, 2012 on the URIBL (URI based Blacklist service) for possible SPAM and/or Malware violations.
The domain weaselzippers.us, registered through MELBOURNE IT, LTD. D/B/A INTERNET NAMES WORLDWIDE is listed on at least two SPAM blacklists as of today. This does not necessarily indicate that they are guilty of sending SPAM, merely that the server that their IP address is associated to was confirmed by at least 2 sources to be a gateway for SPAM. This leads us to recommend caution on this server as it is possible that if it is compromised for SPAM, other data could be compromised.
Once again WOT has been hijacked. Checking both McAfee and Norton there is nothing on this site which poses any threat! One may not agree with its content but the site is safe.

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