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This is a very good website. It is the official website of the Catholic media ministry run by Fr. Robert Barron known as "Word on Fire". Fr. Robert Barron is the creator and host of the series called "Catholicism" which is an award winning documentary about the Catholic Church, it's beauty, history, culture, saints, and of course God. This site is an excellent site to go to for apologetics. An example of this is the blog article titled "Why Jesus is God: A Response to Bart Ehrman". It's a refutation of Bart Ehrman's argument that Jesus is not God but was instead an itinerant preacher who never claimed to be divine, whose Resurrection was an invention of the disciples who supposedly experienced psychosis and hallucinated His Resurrection after His death. Basically Bart Ehrman's argument is an attack on orthodox Christian doctrine and this article refutes it. The fact is that Jesus DID claim to be divine, He DID rise from the dead, and His disciples ACTUALLY SAW HIM after His Resurrection from the dead! I won't go into more detail though since this is a review of the site. In addition, there is a small forum on which those who register can go to and and discuss various subjects. There is a store in which you can buy various apologetics products such as books, DVDs, CDs, study programs, and also clothing. The only issue that I personally have with the site is that with my browser (Comodo IceDragon which is a secure browser based on Firefox) the menus do not work properly. This could be due to any reason and it is quite possible that nobody else will experience this. Therefore, this issue did not factor into the "I trust" rating that I gave the site or the "suitable" rating that I gave the site for suitability for children.

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Word on Fire Catholic Ministries is a nonprofit organization which supports Catholic evangelical preaching. Led by Father Robert Barron to draw people into or back to the Catholic faith.

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