Web of Trust improves the transparency in its user ratings

WOT warns users about websites with potential issues

Web of Trust (WOT), a crowdsourced website reputation service with over 90 million global downloads, has announced a new version today. The renewed WOT significantly enhances the user experience with improved visibility to reasons behind website reputations.

The new WOT prompts users to provide specific reasons for their website ratings. Users rating a site are requested to select at least one reason – labeled as a ‘category’ - to explain their rating. These category choices are then joined alongside the reputation information that helps other users come to an informed decision regarding the trustworthiness of a site.

The rating feature is completely revamped and provides a smooth website evaluation within a single window, from rating a site to submitting a comment. Rating takes only a few seconds even though users are asked to provide a more detailed review.

Recently there was an advert making rounds in Facebook that offered a PC-version of the Instagram image-sharing application. WOT users quickly identified this advert as a scam which led to the website receiving a poor reputation. Other WOT users were subsequently warned about the site when they attempted to access it.

Markus Suomi, CEO of WOT, said: “WOT protects users from online threats such as scams, spam and rogue online stores that are encountered within social networking sites, when shopping online or navigating the Net. The Instagram scam was an excellent example of the kinds of threats users experience in social networks.”

The new WOT is now available for Firefox and Opera Next users and can be downloaded for free from Chrome version will be available soon. WOT will gradually be updated to all its users with Chromium-based, Firefox or Chrome browsers, and the new version will soon be available also in the extension galleries of the most popular browsers. More details:

WOT collaborates with world’s leading Internet companies such as Facebook, Opera and Group. It has over 90 million downloads and its global community has rated over 44 million websites.

Press contact:

Markus Suomi

WOT Services Ltd

Managing Director