WOT and Stop The Hacker Join Hands to Provide Security Services to Website Owners

Websites are the new hunting ground for malicious hackers. More than 6,600 new, legitimate websites get hacked every single day. These legitimate websites are compromised because of weaknesses in the website or the hosting infrastructure. WOT, the leading website reputation rating tool from Web of Trust, helps web surfers know which sites can be trusted by capturing the experiences and trust ratings of the online community. and WOT are partnering to protect the online reputation of websites.

Millions of websites have been built using weak computer code from easy-to-use website creation software with pre-packaged templates. Nearly 90% of websites have at least one serious security vulnerability which allows malicious hackers to break in and compromise them. Once a website is compromised, malicious hackers use the benign website to spread viruses and trojans to infect the computers of the site’s visitors. Once the malware is transferred to the visitor's computer, it begins the cycle of ID theft and malicious activities. This website penetration by hackers destroys the reputation of a website.

”Web-based malware is on the rise. The number of blacklisted websites doubled in the last 3 years. Traditional signature based Anti-Viruses cannot detect new forms of web-malware on compromised websites,” said Dr. Anirban Banerjee, VP of R&D at

WOT is partnering with to offer security services to websites with good or excellent reputations via the WOT Trust Seal Pro. The WOT Trust Seal Pro is a breakthrough website indicator that displays the reputation of online assets and ensures the security of websites. It is an effective tool for website owners to communicate their trustworthiness while assuring the technical security of their site. Daily malware scans of the website and 24x7x365 alerts ensure that any hacking incident is detected before it has a chance to affect the reputation of the website.

“Website owners, especially those with e-commerce sites, need to do everything they can to ensure their visitors that they are trustworthy and their site is secure,” says Vesa Perälä, WOT’s CEO. “Getting hacked can mean weeks of lost business and losing the trust of customers. The WOT Trust Seal Pro alerts you about security issues which harm the reputation of your website and your business.”

Website owners who are concerned about their reputation and the safety of their visitors benefit from this service. WOT Trust Seal Pro increases customer conversions, imparts a sense of confidence to a customer which helps them make a purchase decision and protects the website and its visitors from malware.

About WOT Services

Web of Trust has a family of trust products that help guard individual web users and organizations from untrustworthy links that lead to trouble, without restricting access to the web. The flagship product is WOT, the leading community-based safe surfing tool that uses an intuitive traffic-light rating system to help web users stay safe as they search, surf and shop online. Website ratings are powered by a fast growing worldwide community of nearly 25 million users who have rated the reputation of 33 million websites in terms of trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. The add-on works with Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. WOT is a 100% free download,

About Stop The Hacker

Stop The Hacker is a highly focused website security service company, providing SaaS services to web hosters, website owners, administrators and web designers. Stop The Hacker's technology supported by the National Science Foundation has won multiple awards since 2009. Stop The Hacker services satisfied customers all over the globe protecting their online presence from emerging threats.


Deborah Salmi

CMO, WOT Services

Peter M Jensen

CMO, Stop The Hacker