WOT Services Ltd and Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy Cooperate to Improve the Marketing of Web Shops

WOT Services Ltd., the company behind the reputation rating services Web of Trust (WOT) and Community Trust Network (CTN) launched a new cooperation with the leading Internet payment provider in Finland, Suomen Verkkomaksut Ltd. The aim of cooperation is to help web shops communicate their trustworthiness and reliability and promote the overall security of e-commerce operations to consumers

“Over 7 million Internet users globally trust the safer Internet related services we offer. Our latest service, CTN, offers web shops a new way to increase sales by marketing their trustworthiness which is based on the objective reputation ratings given by the WOT community. Suomen Verkkomaksut is a natural partner for us because their mission and operating principles are similar with our values,” says Vesa Perälä, CEO of WOT.

”One of our objectives is to promote the growth of e-commerce and enable the best results for all stakeholders. The Community Trust Network service by WOT supports this initiative by offering an objective and credible rating system for the web shops”, continues Lennu Keinänen, the CEO of Suomen Verkkomaksut Ltd.

WOT Services Ltd. focuses on developing and providing software and services for the WOT community and promotes the community's goals of safer Internet for everyone. WOT has over 7 million users who have rated the reputation of 25 million web sites.

Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy is the leading Internet payment services provider in Finland whose services are used by over 1000 customers. Suomen Verkkomaksut offers all payment methods with ease and convenience. In addition, Suomen Verkkomaksut guarantees that the web shop receives the payment fast and the consumer always gets either the purchased product or their money back.

More information:

WOT Services Ltd.

Vesa Perälä CEO

Tel. +358 40 5860863

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Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy

Lennu Keinänen CEO

Tel. +358 44 7767827

lennu.keinanen (at)