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Avoid scams, malware, phishing and identity theft while you browse online
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WOT will catch potential threats while you browse the web
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Ensure your online safety with real time alerts about dangerous sites
Jaclynn Bradley
Jul 17, 2020
WOT Review Stars
I have WOT installed on my PC since 2013 -- it is a real handy dandy for website risk ratings, and they do not spam you with ads or emails for using their services.
Sofia Bowen
Dec 14, 2019
WOT Review Stars
I wouldn't browse without WOT. It is a great way to find learn if I should spend time reading the content.
Pavith Nadal
Sep 5, 2020
WOT Review Stars
The little green/orange/red circle serves as one reminder of taking care not to visit dangerous sites online!
Allison Powell
Feb 22, 2020
WOT Review Stars
I depend on this to keep me safe on the pc. It does a most excellent job of protection. Plus we help to evaluate the sites.
Get safer search results
WOT provides you with a safe browsing experience and ensures your safety online, by protecting you from scams, phishing, malware, and dangerous links.
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