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Great site orders are always on time and get refunds no problem for items i dont need
I want to give this a 4 star: I was registering my account, but I couldn't get to stage 3 of it. I was still on stage 2. I need this fixed.
Totally shocking site that sells broken items then refuses to take them back for a refund, they tell people to talk to the manufacturer instead. They won't take responsibility for the items they sell. Argos lie to customers and they have an awful customer service system that's nearly impossible to get through, it sends you round in circles then eventually cuts you off.
Good site, lots of good items, just got to be careful to look at reviews to make sure the product is good. Always found that they have a good returns policys though
Not all the stores are the same, very 50/50 due to staff mainly, but overall very convenient
I use Argos a lot and have found their shops to be very convenient with quite good service. However, I fond trying to navigate this site to be a complete nightmare.
Uses several tracking beacons so there are privacy concerns
First Argos is a good site i have used their service for over 10 years with very few hassles, But I shall never use them again. I needed a new controller and my usual store i had to wait but since we have two stores close to us i chose the other store that claimed immediate pick up in store, Reserve to pick up the item and i get this new window giving me two options, Of course i chose the traditional reserve and pay in store, Available immediately they claimed but i put in my email and clicked the button and basically got bullshitted from Argos.....I now have to wait until Saturday to be able to get my controller, That's a misleading claim and the worse experience i have ever had with the Argos site so much so i shall never use them again and i will not collect the item on the days they dictate to me.
made an online order, got sent the wrong item but were happy to exchange, professional service and good aftercare
Went to order a storage cupboard, so I put it in my basket, to then have to create a account, only to be told it was not in stock. bottem line, waste of time creating a account to be told not in stock!!!!
Make sure you opt out of spam when you reserve items.
Site has advertising for it's own goods and uses email communications to update customers. Tracking whilst on site is to assist with shopping experience and there are a number of third party sites linked to this site. Argos, per se, is a good clean site however.
One of the most know e-commerce website and retail shop. Good prices!
Their recent website design doesn't look very good on a laptop size screen - yet I trust them - have bought many items via their reserve system
Today, a tumble dryer was due to be delivered between 10am and 2pm. I was woken up at 6:50am by loud banging on my door and rattling on my gate to two men dumping the tumble dryer outside. When I asked why they were early, one of them glared at me and said "We start at 6:30, we're bang on time." I asked him about the timeslots and he laughed and said "Oh, that's a good one, they haven't existed for five years!" They wouldn't even bring it inside the house, saying they couldn't lift it up the two half-height steps leading up to my front door due to health and safety concerns. They left the tumble dryer blocking the pavement in front of my front door, and left. Bottom line: I paid a £9 delivery fee for a product to be delivered between 10 and 2 and to a room of my choice. Neither of these things happened, so I won't be ordering from Argos again.
Пользуюсь этим сайтом, тут безопасно, много полезных функций, смело можно использовать.
Lots of available goods to offer and buy online.Lots of "sale" items.
Except for some chinese items other products are well priced for the budget and good quality too
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