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Was once one of the nicer YouTube downloader/converter. It still somewhat is for its function, but website is now ad-ridden, it's unbearable... Steer clear; there are other, better & more convenient 3rd-party downloaders at this point.
Adblocker recommended!! Some ads could possible be malicious. Good, working YouTube video converter. But it doesn't seem to work for music videos or age restricted videos. (But the age restricted problem seems to be there for all converter sites I've seen so far though. Also this problem started happening only fairly recently) This site is useless if you're trying to download music, it just won't convert, probably because they can't add the relevant tags to the mp3 file(?). Major downside is the ads and popups are too much, and previous MyWOT reviews seem to imply that some of the ads could be malicious, so using an adblocker(eg. ublock origin) would be wise.
Best YouTube converter I've seen so far.
My notebook got a virus from ***** and it´s being hard to find a solution.
постоянно перенаправляет на спам
Never had a problem with it myself. Works pretty good.
it is good but sometimes will ask you to download a malware to download videos sometimes
Um conversor de vídeo online, o único ponto negativo que tem é que em vídeo muito grande pode demorar um pouco para processar.
Very good website for downloading videos.
works great­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
As others have said, this used to be a great site. It has deteriorated over the last year and a bit with pop ups and so on. It has gotten worse recently. I tried to use the service and it automatically tried to download unwanted software. I will never use it again.
Used to be one of my favorite sites to convert videos from, and then a year ago it started getting different malware and virus popups when you convert a video. And now I can't even download videos with music in them, since back in October they had a copyright strike, so they just removed the ability to download videos with music in them. Very drastic ending for this once beloved site.
After recently introducing (malicious) popups, they are now gone, which leaves a clean site that servers the purpose it was created for.
Used to be good, but popups popup and can lead to viruses on your computer. not trusted by me and a lot of people
Used to be really good, but recently random pop ups started appearing when trying to download the files. C'mon, guys.
It redirects to a site that is rated very poor
I used to like and use this site frequently. I use an adblocker, so I was never annoyed by ads, and I always unchecked the check box so I wouldn’t download any viruses or malware with my videos. However, within the past year, they seemed to get rid of the check box completely, and now, at least twice, when I clicked the download button, I have been redirected to a dangerous site while the video downloaded. The last time, my anti-virus software popped up saying it had blocked something, but I was still redirected to a page that said my computer had a virus and to call a phone number. I ended up having to force close my browser to get out of it. Although I think this used to be a safe site if precautions were taken, I no longer think it’s safe, and so will no longer be using it. I recommend that others stay away from it, too. UPDATE: According to Google Safe Browsing (as of 26 June 2016), the website itself is safe, but "Some pages on this website send visitors to dangerous websites":
Es un sitio útil para descargar videos desde youtube en formatos mp3,mp4,avi,3gp... EDIT: Últimamente ha decaído en mostrar Pop-ups y redireccionar a otros sitios con calificaciones muy negativas, corrijo valoración.
1 used to be a good website for downloading videos off of youtube. But recently there had been pop up ads for rogue AVs, Malware, Ransomeware, and etc. including there is a program when you download a video, but you can disable it being downloaded from un-checking the check box the deal comes from. Many browsers will not block the popup ads. The ads might download some malware or PUP onto your PC without you knowing. Some good programs to fight these are Malwarebytes Anti-malware and Malwarebytes anti-exploit ( Make sure to uncheck the check box and close the ads ASAP.
sometimes pops up with something suspicious, just watch what you are downloading.

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