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This site compares a lot of diferent online backup and storage solutions most legit. The only problem is the site they recommend as best and refer you too says that you have been referred threw a paid advertising. Then I downloaded the software for the site ***** after getting pop ups telling me I can get a free trail when trying to leave the site and 16 antivirus engines flagged it as being MyPCBackUP malware. I looked up ***** on WOT and found the following: The program was unfortunately enabled. After the free trial 'experience', I could not get rid of the pop up saying I got 25% discount, then 70% discount. I unsubscribed. Still could not get of pop up. Last night I got this weird email from them that said they had "sent me over 10 ems. I had not responded, so my "files would be deleted at midnight."!!!!?!? I, again, unsubscribed. This time they finally 'got it', however there was still a notice that my files would be deleted. Never trying another 'free' thing! "Here is an email I received from them after I sent in a help ticket indication that that my data was no longer backing up. This is their email in their own words: I am sorry to inform you that a temporary hold has been placed on your account which will prevent any further backup. Regrettably this is due to a breach of our terms and conditions and specifically our Fair Usage Policy. 14. Termination and Fair Use Policy If you have purchased a MPCB Product or Service that is inappropriate for your actual usage, MPCB may require you to switch to an appropriate MPCB Product or Service which may result in your having to pay MPCB additional fees for use of the appropriate product or to terminate your purchased MPCB Products or Services and refund, on a prorated basis, any fees paid you may have paid on the unused portion of your MPCB subscription. We monitor the usage of our heaviest Unlimited account users, a dynamic margin is calculated based upon averages which, should a user fall into, we may require them to cease backup or move onto a business account. (*****/terms ) --- Put basically, your account has reached our fair usage dynamic limit. This dynamic limit is calculated by taking the average backup space of our top users who have backed up less than 100mb in the last 30 days. Regrettably your account has exceeded this dynamic limit by 50GB. I appreciate this will come as an inconvenience, allow me to explain the options available to you as of now: 1) To continue backing up we recommend upgrading to a MyPC Backup Home Office plan, you will find this plan suits your backup needs much better as a heavy user. You can view more about what this plan will offer here: ***** If you choose to upgrade, any funds you have outstanding on your current plan will of course go towards the upgrade, here is the link to make the upgrade: ***** 2) If you do not wish to backup anything further you can continue on your current plan and access your backed up files as normal. 3) If you wish to delete some files and folders to free up space this will remove the temporary hold. 4) If you want to cancel the account we will issue a pro rata refund for the unused time on the account. I thank you in advance for your co-operation on this matter. Please let me know how you wish to proceed. Kind regards, -- Henry Kluge User Experience Team -- Why not check out our new Help Centre: ***** "
Good site, however note this (in their footer): "We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own."

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