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Website uses auto-renew for subscriptions, and doesn't notify customers before card is charged. This is poor business practice. Also website makes it difficult to contact customer service. Twice hung up on me or lost connection when I was describing the auto-renew feature, even though I was being polite. Perhaps not intentional, but not sure because the issue to be resolved was complicated. I started leaving feedback on the site, which was then followed by several pages of questions with radio buttons forcing answers to questions that I didn't want to answer because it felt like data mining.
They have a new editor and direction. Blatantly lie about their practice. Automatically renew subscriptions, make it impossible to cancel. They claim to be non profit and independent from advertisers, thats why you have to pay to see content. Their claim "To maintain our independence and impartiality, we accept NO OUTSIDE ADVERTISING and no free samples" Yet are running doubleclick and optimizely java scripts among others. This is from their privacy policy "We work with third parties, such as ad networks, analytics companies and social networking platforms, and they may collect information about your online activities over time and across our sites and other online services." I suggest you look yourself. Shame, used to be such a good company.
Whether you read it online or get the physical magazine this is a must-read. Skip this one and you are a dumbass!
Easily the most trustworthy site on the Internet.
Requiring consumers to pay for information they can find online for free? Absurd. Easy to ignore but still foolish.
You are required to "become a member" just to see reviews. This points to Phishing in my book and is DEFINITELY an invasion of privacy.
hard to use site, hard to cancel membership.
This is a great site for unbiased reviews of just about any product that you would like to purchase. I always research before I purchase!
This site is safe and very useful before making any serious purchase. especially appliances.
My disappointment with Consumer Reports is growing. Just looked at their review of paper shredders. Their "top pick" was trashed by the user community in the reviews. I have the right to expect at least a degree of uniformity between CR's report and the user community but in this case CR recommend the item and the user community identifies it as junk. Further. Reviews posed in favor of other highly rated shredders are NOT convincing in the least. I suspect they are planted. CR does nothing to screen this stuff. They just post it to their site. We pay 5.95 a month to look at this trash.
I like this site and often use it to check out "new" products on the market.
First place I check for new purchases. They have now added best-price shopping options.
Car and electronics reviews and ratings.
This claims to be a non profit organization, but it's terms and conditions sound like a fraud. They can charge you money anytime, content in the website copyrighted.
Consumer report inthe USA and Canada is useful for UK because you can buy stuff they reccomend and the UK "Which" did not reviewed it because they selected other items instead. I bought electronics 3 times cheaper this way.
Helpful though I wish they included more brands/products if they are choosing to thoroughly review a particular product so as to give us the full picture. Also they should update their selection with more current offerings.
Great source of information.
Great site w/ good advice.
Absolutely outstanding site. I use this site every time I'm ready to buy anything from laundry detergent to transportation. This should be in everyone's bookmarks. One of my top five favorites because it not only does the research and ratings of items but it invites consumer comments which makes it very consumer friendly.
canceled my subscription and they did not refund my money. 2 emails not responded to. I wonder how they "rate" their own consumer protections!

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