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danger ce site peut avoir tout les informations sur votre compte ect... donc c'est un vpn qui hack les infos sur le compte qui utilise meme play store a bloque cette appli pour ces raison
Скачал браузер от hola и сайты грузятся по 10 минут, удаляю.....
Hola is pretty good. The only problem is that it doesn't support good enough bandwidth for much streaming video, but it *is* free. The only thing that could be much better is that they cut out all the self promoting crap, like asking you to rate, every.damned.time how it worked. Looking at the reviews below, something else is very interesting. HotDogee is a paid disinformation merchant that (check them yourselves) is here to say great things about really, really crooked sites. The more criminal it is the higher he rates it. But he doesn't like hola. In fact, his longest review. Interesting. Oh, yes. Hola does break many malware schemes, breaks botnets and makes it much more difficult to mine personal data and use tracking cookies. No wonder Mr. "I love every Russia crook on the internet" hates it! I wish WOT would review his history and see how obvious what I said is. How can you have any credibility and let him operate. Let me guess. He pays. Yeah, no Russian crook would do that.
Es el sitio oficial de Hola! una extensión que te permite establecer una conexión VPN (Red Privada Virtual) Desbloqueando sitios web restringidos por región y protegiendo la privacidad del usuario respecto al sitio web.
You should not give up your privacy for a free VPN.
The Plugin is selling your browsing habits and your connection to partners. You have to buy a premium account to stop this spying
This website distributes software used to steal your IP address and put it into their VPN. Allthough the VPN is actually really good for the customer, the free user has their IP stolen. This means that child pornography could go through your IP if you've used Hola!, and anybody that purchases the ***** VPN gets ripped off, but for all that, you can send realistic-looking post requests and spam the living hell out of a website of your choice if it is poorly secured (8chan at the time) As for Hola! itself and not the VPN, it just steals your IP so it can be run through their VPN.
they r not misleading u at all, they tell u your risks if u want to use it free. i have used it for almost a month and had no problems so far
see http://adios-hola.org/ Why You Should Immediately Uninstall Hola. Hola is the first community powered (Peer-to-Peer) VPN Beware: Hola VPN turns your PC into an exit node and sells your traffic Hola users have no control over endpoints which is problematic for several reasons. First, it increases the bandwidth usage on the device and reveals your device's IP address to the target service or website which you may not always want. Closing Words If your computer is being used as an exit node, it is your IP address that webmasters, law enforcement or rights holders see when they check server logs. If it is used in attacks or malicious activity, it is you who will be contacted by the authorities or site owners. htxxtp://www.ghacks.net/2015/05/28/beware-hola-vpn-turns-your-pc-into-an-exit-node-and-sells-your-traffic/ htxxtp://hola.org/legal_privacy Pixel Tags: A pixel tag is a type of technology placed on a website in combination with cookie to enable tracking activity on websites. Web Beacon: A web beacon is technique used to track who is reading a web page or email, when, and from which computer. Log Data: Log Data is a data that is automatically recorded by our servers when you use the Services. With Whom Do We Share Information
Hola and Luminati software makes your computer a free proxy for other people. On one hand, this can unblock some sites which only work from certain countries. On another hand, hackers and unknown people all over the world will be using your internet connection. Choice is yours. Cheapest VPN costs less than $10/year. For $25, you can have paid VPN from multiple locations, customer support service and everything. Allowing strangers into your network? No, thanks.
It's a great idea. Too bad people abuse it. I will explain why I gived these reasons. First: It's potentially illegal because it gives your IP address for other users to use. People can view sites banned by your goverment and probably get you into trouble. Stay away 100% from this unless you want to get in trouble... The privacy risks is a part of thiss too. It's also suspicious for not even telling us. You have to read their FAQ.
Makes your computer a proxy for anyone to use! Also lets others run software on your computer! http://adios-hola.org/
Read this to know why I've given this rating to hola.org: *****
Botnet *****
When a user installs Hola, he becomes a VPN endpoint, and other users of the Hola network may exit through his internet connection and take on his IP. This is what makes it free: Hola does not pay for the bandwidth that its VPN uses at all, and there is no user opt out for this. On the other hand, with the Tor onion router, users must specifically opt in to be exit nodes and are aware that completely anonymous traffic can pass through their connections, which means they should be ready for abuse reports for child porn, spam, copyrighted content and other ills that come with the territory.
It's a botnet, your bandwidth gets used without your permission and is sold to the highest bidder as a DDOS program. DO NOT USE!
Apart from what Hola software does, the website is trying to run scripts from ***** - locahost. No serious site tries to do this. One that is based upon patronising their ignorant users about how 'secure' their product is, just might employ this kind of site design, on the other hand... YMMV. Proceed with caution.
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