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Bad site, this contains bad language, 18+ content and other innapropiate stuff, i got it when was downloading a windows xp iso file
Is Safe? I used the check link in the right click menu and saw this suspicious, and I'll take your word for it, and we'll leave this site alone. Suspicious, curiosity didn't kill this old school cat, but I like being the wiser one, and we will pass it by. UnSafe!!! Best of Wishes, William
This is a redirection site that is used by scammers and spam operations. Very untrustworthy.
As many already stated, the site simply provides a service. Scroll a bit down, there are a few good explanations. THE SIDE ITSELF IS NEUTRAL and not to blame. You've most probably encountered dissatisfaction with a target website, so You should either rate that site directly or - if not possible - You may try to contact the site or hoster You were coming from originally. They referred You to the site and they may not know that the site is in some way inappropriate. Or they might tell You that the site is perfectly fine.
Just a referal site, linking to other content. Caution for kids, possibly nasty exe's there, but site itself is perfectly ok,
It's my own site. I'm honest and careful.
Phishing domain *****
Need access to manage email account subscription. Forces me to rate to access, so I guess I'll rate.. ?
You may not like what is said because the topics are controversial, but the opinions expressed are effectively expressed - some (many) will not like that.
It an anonymous http referrer service. Move along nothing bad to see here.
Простой редирект на вебстраницы
Eine Seite die Aufklärt und die Wahrheit verbreitet. Eine sehr gute Seite. Klar das dies vielen gegen den Strich geht, die lieber mit der Rosa Brille durch die Lügen welt laufen. Warum auch selbst den Kopf fürs denken einsetzen, bei vielen wird es für die Smartphones, MSM, TV Serien ecc. gebraucht! Arme Welt!
good site...........................................
I subscribed to a newsletter on a site, then they sent an email confirming my subscription. It opened up a list of all wordpress sites I had subscribed to (a total of 4). I then decided to Log In to wordpress to check a blog I started a while ago but have been meaning to start working on again...then I get THIS warning from WOT that the site is bad because it uses WELL, good thing I came to check the comments. It took me a while to realize I must check WOT comments to determine if a site is truly bad or not...and not just to trust the circle of trust icon color. I'm no genius, (obviously, as I only discovered WOT a couple mos. ago) but I think everyone should know if they want to make sure a link is safe...they can RIGHT-CLICK it and save the URL address, and then go paste it into VirusTotal (which I just discovered and have since seen many people refer to it as a quality site checker) to see if it's a safe site. And even then...if one or two out of 52 malware sites on VirusTotal give is a red flag...check the comments or additional details for that site. They're not all perfect. If anyone has a better idea or thinks my assessment is off, I'm open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, esp. when it's in a decent tone.
C'est normal, c'est un site de warez, il faut s'équiper un minimum: Adblock + *****
Au moment où j'écris, ce site ne contient pas de code malicieux ou autres. Il ne fait que fournir des liens après les avoir raccourcis. Il est possible que ceux-ci soient malicieux mais c'est alors lesdits liens qu'il faut noter négativement.
I thkink this website is safe . Only bring redirection to any web page.
E' un blog italiano di crociere e turismo generale!
Its simply a referer. Its not a site, nor does it have content. Its often associated with services that go against many ToAs of many big sites. There is no reason why a person should be linked to this site, nor does it carry any content you might be interested in.
I can understand a little caution with respect to children, only because commenters occasionally use foul language. I can also see that many fundagelicals would object to this site because of its unabashed atheistic view point. Many of us on the rational side of that debate, however, view the fundagelicals as child abusers, so I suppose it all evens out in the end. Ah ha! I just realized that the rating is not for http://, but some site that maybe has a tracking pixel, or something. I don't know anything about that site ( -- is that really a site?). My comments relate to Pharyngula, not the offending site.
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