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متاسفانه چند سالی است شاهد اجحاف در حق مشتریان میباشیم
اوپراتور کلاهبردار
Spam message: ":$4299.22 Penalty - ID:112735", included a suspicious .zip attachment. From the message header: ([]). The IP address is traced to the Iran Cell Service and Communication Company, Tehran, Iran. I understand the negative comments all too well.
it is a good site i couldn't understand that last 2 comments it is a Cellphone Operator in Iran "About Irancell In line with the implementation of the Third Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan and for the realization of Article 124 of the said plan, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology held the tender for the second operator in November 2003 with the purpose of development of communications and telecommunications through privatization and foreign investment. This was done to protect foreign investment, encourage local private sector participation, promote competition, ensure healthy competition, minimize government involvement, monitoring the tariffs and services quality and protect the consumers. After completing the tender formalities and reviewing the tenders, MCIT announced Irancell consortium as the winner of the tender for the second operator on 16 February 2004. Once the Law on Authorization of License Agreement for Mobile and Network Services was approved by the Parliament and Guardian Council and the License fee was paid by Irancell on 25 October 2005, Irancell was granted the Mobile (GSM) Communications Network and Services License by MCIT on 27 November 2005. The said License was granted as on a national basis and includes the overall geographical coverage of Iran. Within a short time after being granted the license, Irancell was able to complete the network operation and roll-out and started test launch of its network on 28 August 2006 (some 9 months after being granted the license). Irancell network was officially launched on 21 October 2006 in Tehran, Tabriz and Mashhad. Engaging experienced local and international experts, Irancell managed to develop its network within a short time and provide quality services nationwide based on the international standards. Irancell network provides the subscribers with an advanced generation of GSM system to enable them get use of EDGE (2.75 G). Enhanced Data GSM Evolution (EDGE), which is an advanced GPRS generation, enables Irancell subscribers to have access to the internet and any other similar network through mobile phone with a high speed and also enables them to send and receive voice, image and texts of big size. Irancell Strategic Objectives • Become a leader in technology and customer centricity • Overall development of the stable and advanced infrastructures based on the state-of-the-art mobile network technologies across the country. • Development of the high speed wireless communication platform based on the modern WiMAX technology in Iran • Provision of the best quality products and services • Provision of the high quality services with the most cost effective prices and decentralization of service provision • Continuous, targeted and genuine upgrade of the network • Network capacity increase, development and update • Moving towards becoming a leading and innovative operator in the region • Maximum use of the local content and playing an reproductive role in overall growth of science and technology in Iran • Developing appropriate infrastructures needed for the deployment of the mobile data services • Creating service management platform for the customers • Strengthening the human resources though updating their knowledge for the provision of quality services based on the technological advancements in the world Irancell Main Achievements: Contributing to materialize the objectives mentioned in the Third and Fourth Long Term Development Plans of I.R. of Iran Contributing to materialize privatization and creating a safe opportunity for further foreign investments Contributing to materialize the state and parliament policies related to stabilization and reduction of the prices Increasing the penetration rate and achieving the penetration rate more than the projected one Bringing innovation, dynamism and freshness to the mobile market of Iran Direct and indirect job creation for 33,000 Contributing to minimize the government involvement while increasing its revenue Bringing some $ 1.2 billion foreign investment to date Contributing to materialize the e-government, reducing the commutes and save energy High-paced mobile data transfer and providing the speediest bandwidth Flexible tariffs to tailor it to the customers' needs, removing the mobility charge and providing airtime with no expiry Developing the first portal for providing the mobile contents which was the first M-commerce experience in Iran Offering data SIM, a unique product for professional data and telemetry users Developing a communication platform for the organizations, companies and other users through removing the time, place and equipment obstacles Having the biggest 24/7 Call Center in the Middle East and the regional call centers answering the callers in their local dialect Promoting cooperation with the banks to develop mobile banking services Providing multimedia services and mobile internet as data-based services Creating an advanced, quick and flexible billing system to support the call and data services provided at different tariffs Establishing international roaming for the prepaid SIM cards and enabling international data roaming Selling SIM cards and recharge cards using electronic options, in cooperation with the banks Providing a system which allows on-line airtime purchase overseas,point to point service, direct top-up and e-charge"
Spam received from hosts in this domain.
irancell website

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