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IsDatOK You are a fool. This site is safe and helpful.
Great onfo for drivers.
NHTSA is despicably running adds on the internet to discourage the use of breathalyzers, by stereo typing everyone that uses them as a "Blower" a DUI guy or a drunk. Breathalyzers will save your live and the lives of others. and a whole lot of heart break. The Add goes like this, a man is about to drive away with his good looking girl friend, to insure he is safe to drive, he uses his personal breathalyzer, when his "stupid girl friend" sees that he is checking to see he is legal to drive, she starts insulting him by saying in a very angry tone, " OMG a blower, a DUI guy." Before the results are in, she jumps out of the car still being very pissed off and then disappears. Safe move on her part, she could have been run over by a cop. The underlying statement is everyone that uses a breathalyzer is a drunk having many DUIs, No doubt people will drink, as they have for the past few years or since the time of Christ anyway, but if they have a tool to keep them off the road, there will be fewer DUIs. The Highway Safety Administration has a predator mentality or (system) to discourage compliance with the law, and the motive may be greater profit for a corrupt system, ya think. Do not guess if you are legally drunk, never say I think I am alright, do not let them destroy your life, buy a DOT approved breathalyzer, stay safe, stay out of jail, keep your many thousands of dollars in your pocket, keep your job, keep your student loans, don't let a corrupt system at war with its citizens rob you, Don't let them do this to you because you don't have a breathalyzer or failed you failed to use it. I could be wrong but I think all states have a .08 limit, unless you have a CDL licence, then it could be lower . {Demand breathalyzers or low cost single use breathalyzers must be sold everywhere wine beer and alcohol is sold so there is free access to them. Otherwise they are saying they are only using a punishment system and don't really care) But they will not do it, because of reverse profit? ( My God this is a no brainier) are we stupid, don't we get it see it why let them get away with it.. Don't be ambushed by an overly zealous law, I have never had a DUI, but I am buying a breathalyzer because I now know we are at war with corruption. I will not take a chance on blowing a .09. causing a cop to squeal with glee. ( Men wake up, they want you especially) , So one last note if you are legal to drive and old lady pulls out in front of you, it " will not" automatically be your fault, albeit they may try and succeed but at least you have a fighting chance, don't let a 1/100 over .08. !!!!!! ruin your life. Breathalyzers can save your life and lives of others, plus a whole lot of heart break. If you are at a private party can they make you leave if they have an open bar, I don't know ? But, you may need to know , that's my question. This is a great solution that is being attacked by National Highway Traffic and Safety Adm. go figure. Who are these people or what are they, that is the great question???
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