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***** on: AS12322 – Free SAS / / ***** sustains IP addresses rated up to "critical" for the amounts of spam sent during a 30 day period. Maintains XBL-listed, formerly called CBL, botnet-infected IP addresses during a 30 day period. ***** (bottom of pages) AND December 2014, of tens of thousands of networks in the world, / ***** / ***** is among the top twenty for having the most botnet controllers hosted. See: ***** OTHER: ***** (Listings for / ***** / ***** ) ***** ( / ***** / ***** relationship) (the unsatisfactory reputation of proxad / AND As of March 2014, is listed as the 207th WORST network in the WORLD (of tens of thousands of networks).
I have been sending DMCA takedown letters to for a month and no one replies, at all. They are illegally hosting a trafficking and solicitation site,, where underage women are being prostituted. They have illegally scraped and manufactured content that is defamatory to me and I want it removed. BUT, none of these a-holes will respond because they are criminals and cowards.
Serious spammer: Scams every day, several times a day. Each is reported. Each report results in nothing.
SPAM VIA: "Trivago" <> , ***** OWNER:ONLINE SAS ***** VERY BIG SPAMMER OF SH*T WITH ITS NEW ADDRESSES CREATED PERMANENTLY!!!!!!!!!! Other address . HOSTED ON: ***** ( OWNER: OVH ***** , ***** ) ***** , ***** , server IP: ***** , ONLINE is associated with ~55,506 other domains ...... , see: ***** SPAM FOR: ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ..... (TRIVAGO OF SH*T LOVE UNCEASING SPAMS ADS M*RONS) , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ......... TRAP LINKS: ***** , ( ***** , ***** , ***** Background pictures) , ... ============================================ I HATE YOU F*CKING SPAMMERS AND ITS CUSTOMERS AND I NEVER TO USE YOUR FUCKING LINKS, SOCIETIES AND YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPAMMERS, DO NOT INSIST, I DON'T WOULD BE NEVER, EVER, YOUR CUSTOMER, I DO NOT PUT MY FEET IRAIS IN YOUR AREAS, ESPECIALLY THOSE REEK OF SCAM !!!!! _ ALWAYS ENOUGH TO FILTER OUT YOUR SH*TS OF MY INBOX, YOU, WHO YOU ALWAYS HAVE FUN TO CREATE A NEW ADDRESS FOR BYPASS FILTERS, DIRTY R*TS !!!!!! YOU DO THAT ANNOY ME A LITTLE MORE EVERY DAY BEFORE, I HAD 3 , NOW 10 SPAMS PER DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT _ DO I GIVE A SH*T OF MUTUALS, OF DEFISCALISATIONS, OF CREDITS,, OF THINNESS, SHOPPINGS, CLOTHES,   QUOTES FROM WINDOWS, ETC............ ========================================== Again a f*cking French spammer polluter website of sh*t, apparently, a country full of corrupt, spammers, stammer theoretical laws giving rights to opt-in (because corrupt) and insecurity. Apparently this is the feast of site creations including fake sites for spam, scams, advertising to sell us their crap and pollute the planet with electric resources wasted! F*cking capitalism! F*ck OVH and other spamer's hosts! And address of sh*t again! One day, the number of Internet domains used for SPAM extensively exceed the number of useful internet domains, like the number of SPAM received which represents 90% of e-mails that are received in the world! The capitalists are real r*tten! Proof here: ***** /!\ A VERY IMPORTANT TIP /!\ : DON'T CLICK ON ANYLINK IN A SPAM, INCLUDING THE UNSUSCRIBE LINK, BECAUSE YOU WOULD CONFIRM THAT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS VALID, TO BETTER SPAMMING YOU, this r*ttenness is very contagious with illegal resale data, unofficially legal in corrupt countries, including France!
Regular criminal spam received from them or hosted by them or their client Never respond to reports or act on reports.
En cas de problème, ils répondent rapidement aux mails d'abuse.
Spam received from hosts in this domain.
Visitors should beware of going to this site as the actions of the webmaster might endanger your systems well being. Be very careful when visiting the site or providing any information at all.
Spam distributor
Nom de domaine appartenant au FAI Free. Les sous-domaines appartiennent aux abonnés de Free qui peuvent créer leur propre site internet. Free n'est pas responsable de ces derniers ni des spam émis. En cas de problème avec un de ces sites, vous pouvez le signaler à
Good french ISP and host services. Has always been prompt to remove malicious content (phishing, etc.)
Appeared on a blacklist of malware distributors
Serious french ISP (Free SAS). Not responsible for spam. Send mail to ***** or ***** in case of problem.
Site de FREE SAS (Illiad)
DCOM exploit. (Reported by avast!)

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