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Convenient, so far everything was good.
i took advantage of this service recently. actually, casually found it somewhere in the net when I was reading article about cloud security. hahaha, target works perfectly as usual. in fact this website just allows you to remember the username by your email or password if you have forgotten the one. i believe it's the brightest side of leaked private information, if I actually can say so. your email is somewhere in the net, so it's easy to find where you have registered and to recall username.
they helped me to set up my cpanel web hosting account inside hosting-manager. installing SSL was bit difficult, but the support guy fixed it when I phoned them.
This website ( along with all its subdomains) is a subsidiary of GoDaddy, the most reputed company in the field of web development and hosting. This website has clear privacy policy (customized according to GoDaddy and also its resellers) as well as a secured interface for financial transactions. Also, the data entered in this website are processed on a secured server and stored only for the internal use.
ORDURES au Site totalement ILLÉGAL, aux mentions légales absentes, en WHOIS caché comme d'habitude chez les ESCROCS ! A FUIR immédiatement de telles raclures de bidet... GARBAGES in the TOTALLY ILLEGAL Sites, without any legal notice, in WHOIS hidden ! To RUN AWAY FROM immediately such scrapings of bidet ... SCHMUTZ in den völlig UNGESETZLICHEN Websiten, ohne eine gesetzliche Erwähnung, im versteckten WHOIS wie gewöhnlich bei den BETRÜGERN ! Sofort solche Späne von Bidet zu VERMEIDEN... МУСОР в полностью НЕЗАКОННЫХ участках, без любого юридического уведомления, в WHOIS, скрытом как обычно в ЖУЛИКАХ, ! ИЗБЕГАТЬ немедленно таких очисток биде.... 垃圾中的完全非法的站点,而不受任何法律通告,在 WHOIS 中隐藏的象往常 ! 为避免(逃亡)立即这样的 scrapings 的坐浴盆...
This is a web hosting site. It's owned by Go Daddy web hosting site. There is nothing malevolent about it. I have hosted my business website on Secure Server for 5 years without incident! What may be triggering alarms is the fact that Secure Server Provides Security Certificates for sale to its customers who are having their websites hosted here. Some newly purchased sites and domains may yet to purchase a security certificate. Some customers may have domains parked here for future use. I think you should update your settings for this web hosting site. The categorization as dangerous doesn't truly reflect Cheap Register / Secure Server and it's security status.
This is a GoDaddy site. We are a GoDaddy reseller and link to their help section. I consider it disgusting that you are flagging it as potentially harmful.
This is Godaddy's reseller website...not sure why it got flagged as untrusted.
I am a GoDaddy reseller and this is the login url that I give "my" customers. First, I have no control over this site. It is GoDaddy's site. It is certainly not hosting adware, or malware. Even if their customers were hosting bad stuff, you won't be exposed to it here. Sure, I am biased, but I have many years of good experience with them overall. They are not the right webhost for everyone, but their 24x7 customer service is hard to beat, especially in this price range.
its godaddy hosting
I've never had any problems with the site. I don't get unrequested email, etc.
It's just Go Daddy, nothing inherently bad about it.
***** is a GoDaddy domain that routes emails. While the end user can absolutely create malicious content, that is not necessarily the fault of the domain.
Persistent source of spam email linking to various scams. References: *****
Auto Shun shows this site as malicious. See Virustotal report at ***** Some sites were unable to scan this site. (This is nearly always a red flag, unless the site is down, which it wasn't at the time being scanned). Virustotal also rate this site as a risk by 52/1
Very Good Website, amazing service!
Good site. Safe and secure. Keep browsing
This site is completely fine. It is GoDaddy's name server. People do your homework please. As mentioned earlier this domain maps to the administrative interfaces of's paid hosting . Sure people have accounts with them that do no so nice things like Spam and Phish but this happens with Google and Outlook as well. Do you down rate Google because someone sent a spam message from a Gmail Account?
This is a host server used by This server is used for websites/email hosted by GoDaddy. The site itself isn't bad but it is composed entirely of user-created content, so it sometimes is used as a server for spam/phishing; however, many legit websites are hosted here.
Use this site with extreme caution.
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