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Лохотрон , в РОССИИ нЕ РАБОТАЕТ!
i have been waiting to get paid 10.00 for over a month they say they have to verify the "offers" i did i contacted them after 30 days and was told to conact again i 30 more days . and when i found out i was going to have to wait 30 days i was confused and asking questions they got rude and obnoxious and when i posted a review about this i was threatened that i made false claims but i have it all on file and they said since i made false claims ill have to wait the full 60 days but they werent false i have proof . anyone have suggestions for what i can do they just get rude when u ask a question
99 VENTURES LTD is a Consumer Goods company located in 272 Bath St, Glasgow, United Kingdom. This is how the owners of the website qualify themselves, in other words they qualify themselves a company like nestle' and pepsi cola. the company claims to have trom 1 to 10 employees. The above description of the company is on Linked. While you join their site and they pay you (instantly) on your paypal account: Suite 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden- London,UK - Another address comes from ***** : Registered office address Summit House, 4-5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6 7BD In brief it looks like a company with virtual office addresses. Their site is a dangerous waste of time since you are selling them your activities and private data for coffee money. Many partners (minutestaff, adscend media) have a bad reputation and pay cents for clicking on fake sites full of ads so they create an unnatural and fake traffic that not rarely leads to dangerous sites(virus, porn sites). Unknown people (owners, moderators) dare to call you a cheater when you don't even know who they are and where their pin money comes from. Fake as hell and to avoid them like the plague. Better and safer ways to get money are not hard to find.
This web site offers micro-work in "Get-Paid-To" distributed spam operations such as Paid-To-Blog, -Click, -Email, -Link, -Post, -Read, -Surf, -Survey, -View and/or other Work-At-Home scams designed to generate fake web traffic on behalf of Internet Marketing ("IM", "SEM", "SEO") companies to promote untrustworthy businesses by artificially inflating search rankings. Generally speaking, GPT companies rob their member workers and give their advertisers reputations as spammers.
Superpay me is trustworthy. I have made over $130 from it in less than 2 months and thats not even being on everyday. Now I will admit, some of their partners are a little shady, and they do need to work on that, but most of these reviews if you read them carefully clearly have no idea what they are talking about and are just angry users that don't understand how to use the site. I'd gladly give evidence that they payout if you like and I would love to refer you. Just look me up on facebook *****
yeap, the great site offering you a lot of money just like that, without requesting anything, come on can you be a little bit more creative? 25K bucks per month without any form of knowledge requested from the side of your customer? ROFL "
this site is wolrdwide so yes there will be alot of cheaters and scammers they ban then they turn around and call the site a scam,well i am a mmeber and have been paid over $1200.00 and many others made more than that,the site has paid out over $203,000.00 so far,sure people can say anything and some may believe them but look at the proof look for payment proofs posted all over the web in forums and palces,the site has low $1 cashout minimum so if you truly want to see if they legit then join and earn easy $1 cashout and watch how fast your paid within few hours never longer than 24 hours after you get 3 payments $1 or more then no more waiting you then get immediate instant paypal up to $50 a day one time cahout per 24 hours but manual cashouts are unlimited,they offer live help box and great support ticket replies,if you get banned you think its wrong or an error then dont complain contact the site in support ticket and if your legit they will unban you,the site pays out alot moeny and has to be safe.i have tried many of sites and lots make you wait for your money a month or two or weeks here you dont,this is the best site i ever joined,but you dont have to believe me go see for yourself i bet you will agree once you try it. thank yuo and by the way my user name on superpay is superbud im also a vollunteer moderator cause i like helping others when i can and i will be there to help you too if you ask in ***** i bet you say hes says that cause hes a mod no indeed mods are vollunteers so no benefit i tell the truth no matter if it helps or hurts a site,this is the best site but as i said before dont believe me or what others say go see for yourself. thank you god bless
Anyone have a problem unsubscribing from this site?Every time I try to unsubscibe I get funneled back to the available survey page and there's no way to have them terminate my account.Can't prove it but soon after I tried to complete a survey I started getting alot of phishing in my e-mails,too.Hmm...
I have received money from this site for tasks on the site, i received the correct amount of money, I dont see why people are marking this site as a scam, because its NOT a scam!!!
I don't know why other people rate this site as bad. It all worked out fine for me, got just over $3 in half an hour :D
All the people who rate this with saying "i trust this , Trusted site, Good site." dont have pic . means theyre created only to tell you it is good site, . becareful.
It needs to investigate and pay for surverys completed. Most surveys don't pay. there only so much you con answer on them. they should not refuse to pay because a person has a different lifestyle. people are people.they should pay no matter how people answer the surveys. need to add FB likes and short quizzes, twitter tweeting to make money and other simple things like this. SOme jobs on this site to pay good though. This site limits my work. i know there are millions... billions of ads they get a day.t why i only get a few to do? i like work and money. also they should not listen to fake lawyers and accountants the work the streets and so scams. they probably got the site in trouble and they are dangerous dope sellers and they should not let them run other s affilaite sites. they have fake certificates many of them.some bad college students. anyway hope you improve your site. people cannot live off 50 cents.time is money. i try i really do. things are expensive here. thanks sondrafast
It's a very good site. still pays its member
I don't understand your worries. This is very good site. Just need to think before use that kind of websites and it can be very useful and profitable.
Don't recommend this site for everyone.Administrator or owner has a way of falsely marking members as cheaters AND THEN HE REFUSE TO PAY YOU.more and more people are complaining of this site.We call this clever scam stay away.
Resposta de superpay.mehá 9 anos
If you were banned for cheating, it's because you were caught cheating. If you raised a ticket, then you will have received the explanation. Don't blame other people for your own actions.
this is pure scam website they don't pay all members .I was a victim stay away from this site.Once is marked red is red.wot is doing a good job
Resposta de superpay.mehá 9 anos
All members working honestly on our site are paid. Those working dishonestly are banned accordingly..
Fraud, the site sells fake twitter/tumblr/pinterest followers, facebook likes/fans, youtube views, tweets, traffic web, rankings for positioning and good reputation. See: *****
Resposta de superpay.mehá 9 anos
we do not sell anyones personal data as per our privacy policy.
Good site Low $1.00 Minimum Cash Out Instant Payments
SCAM: Gift Programs: promotions | offers | surveys | rewards | coupons Either promotes, displays, offers, tracks enter no information, attempt no transaction transactions of personally identifiable information is NOT secure Your PII is transferred to several other sites expect spam: email / telemarketing / snail mail re: ***** DNS: DNS:
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