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Poor customer experience as a result of slower-loading web pages than the old site. Oh, but there's a nice animation. What this site obviously needs (this is not a matter of opinion) is basic get me from a-to-b functionality. It provides this, but slower than before and with a bloated graphical interface compared to before (part of the push for touch-screen compatibility, but I'm NOT using the mobile site so it's a bad piece of web design). Also, the site is completely non-functional without allowing GOOGLE to run scripts and thus process the data. Anyone else see the privacy issue with hooking ones personal movements physically, onto Google's servers? No matter what the professed privacy protections, once they're physically sent to the server, it can be cross-referenced with other data google holds on you. Google has NOTHING to do with the NSA and similar spies, right? Wrong. The noose only closes slowly, the frog allows himself to be boiled to death if the water he is in is heated slowly, slowly. Same for the abuse of the human right to privacy. They lie, trying to take advantage of technical ignorance of the average user - and say that they cannot provide the services without using the above methods, but it's blatantly lying. Anyone can code a website any way they like. The transport in London costs enough, so they have the income revenue and no excuse for cost-cutting.
Official site of transport for london. Contains route planners and general transport information.
Web site for Transport for London (UK). Provides travel informtion for travelling around London.
This is a fantastic site, rich with information for those living in London or coming to London. I use the journey planner at least once a week, and the site is also reliable for updating you about tube and road closures. It's also great for cyclists, and you can plan your journey as well as find out where and how to pick up a 'Boris bike'. Couldn't recommend it more
this site help me to find different locations when I was in London. the information is presented accurately.
very good and informative site
Official website of Transport For London; it's very helpful in regards to all things travel-related. Safe to surf, too.
This is the website of Transport for London, the local government body in the U.K. capital city of London, which organises public transport and congestion charging in the city.
Information is not always acurate. And this seems to often be the case with Public Holidays and around the christmas and new Year period.
Well Handy For Getting Around London As well As Getting Train Times And Planning Your Journey Ahead Of Yourself 5*'s Regards No1Shares

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