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Spammed again ***** I got this and I NEVER signed up for it. rom: ARRA <> reply-to: ARRA <> date: Mon, Jan 4, 2016 subject: Washington Newsletter - Jan. 2016 St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Idaho; from Bureau of Land Management’s flickr photostream, uploaded on June 10, 2015 Wobbling out of Washington On the last day of the 1st session of the 114th Congress, there was a mad dash by most members to get out of town for the holidays. But leading up to that very last day, the pace was more like a wobble because those final days of the session had a cliffhanger feel as the House and Senate grappled with approving an omnibus appropriations measure for FY 2016. In the end, they got the job done. Here are some takeaways from the spending bill that I would like to share with you. LWCF Renewal – The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) got a new three-year lease on life with a couple of policy changes included in the reauthorization. The use of eminent domain to secure new lands will no longer be permitted and funds will now be allocated at a state/federal split of ***** The funding level was set at $450 million. Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT), Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, vows that he will continue to work on a major restructuring of the fund, but for advocates of the program, knowing that they have at least three years of certainty is good news. etc.
while I can't speak for the privacy policy of the '' site; I don't believe the 4 Catholic Bishops which comprise the Kansas Conference would partner with a site that wasn't reputable. This is as good a way to contact my state representative and Governor's office as the one used for contacting federal Congressmen and Senators.
This website is great. It is for a specialized group of people and keeps us informed.
What WebCritic said...
Obviously you have to leave your personal information. I don't know of an instance where voterweb has passed on this information. A reputable professional organzation of which I am a member uses them for advocacy.
This is a great website. I don't know why it has such poor ratings, I have never been spammed by them and I use this web sight all of the time.

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