Safe Browsing API
Assess domain or IP address reputations and risk profiles with the WOT API
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Website Safety Check
Our technology enables you to upgrade your security, protect your users and explore the internet safely.
Web Security Threats
Alongside Google & Yandex safe browsing, WOT’s rating system calculates threat categories for websites based on votes from users and third parties.
URL Scanner for Unsafe Websites
Our category data enables further understanding regarding harmful websites, and the reason behind poor reputations that distinguish between different types of threats.
Protect Your Partners
If you are a SaaS solutions provider for other businesses, you can use WOT’s API to enhance your product with protective layers.
Third Party Blacklists
WOT is connected to several third parties (e.g. ‘PhishTank’ & ‘hpHosts’) who assist in providing additional information and an extra layer of security to the WOT community.
Reputation Score
Our dedicated community consists of millions of users, who rate thousands of websites every day. Enjoy the knowledge of our users and get reputation scores for more than 56 million websites.
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Safe Browsing SDK for Android
Number Circle One
Based on WOT’s Community and ML Algorithm, WOT's Safe-Browsing SDK for Android is ready for integration to Android platforms and can be used to query any URLs’ reputation, threats, adult score and more.
Number Circle Two
WOT’s Safe-Browsing SDK for Android provides a simple way for app developers to add browsing detection capabilities to the Android devices they support, by scanning URLs in real-time. Threat classifications provide information on whether a site or domain is blacklisted, contains suspicious activity, or is safe and clean.
Number Circle Three
Let your users browse the web safely and avoid suspicious sites that could steal their information or be harmful.
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Integrate the WOT Safe-browsing SDK for Android into your solutions
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