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Protect your users & customers
with WOT’s Reputation APIs

What you get

  • Crowd Source Reputation

    Our dedicated community of millions of users rates thousands of websites every day. Enjoy the wisdom of our users to get reputation score for more than 56M websites

  • Threats Identification

    WOT’s rating system computes threats categories for websites based on votes from users and third parties. Category data helps to understand the reason behind poor reputation, and distinguish between different type of threats

  • Third - Party Blacklists

    WOT is connected to several third party which provides additional information on top of WOT’s community, to give additional layer of trust

How we can help

  • Protect your users

    Use WOT’s API to analyze suspicious URL’s placed on your website in order to protect your users from scams and increase their security and satisfaction

  • Protect your business partners

    If you are a provider of software solutions for other business, use WOT’s APIs to enhance your product with protective layers

Use cases

  • We are excited about our partnership with Web of Trust -- They share similar goals and approaches in giving users better control of their online experience.

    Jake Brill, Manager Site Integrity, Facebook

    Facebook – Providing extra level of security. Using Facebook is part of many web users’ daily life online. Links posted on Facebook often become popular, even viral.

    To provide its users with an extra layer of security against harmful links, Facebook uses WOT’s crowdsourced reputation data to alert users when they navigate to exterior websites that have poor reputations.

  • The web is full of sites that look legitimate until you interact with them. WOT reputation icons on DuckDuckGo search results are the perfect solution to this problem, enabling you to search with peace of mind.

    Gabriel Weinberg, Founder, DuckDuckGo

    DuckDuckGo – Searching with peace of mind. The search engine DuckDuckGo cares about user’s privacy and safety, and wants to provide users with a worry-free surfing experience.

    To protect their users from clicking on untrustworthy sites, DuckDuckGo has built in the WOT safe surfing option. The traffic light style WOT reputation ratings appear next to links, so users will be able to see immediately which sites are good, which are questionable and which to steer clear of.

  • Our partnership with WOT is part of a series of initiatives here at Mail.ru to improve overall security and create the safest mail system for our users.

    Anna Artamonova, Vice President for Strategic Projects, Mail.ru Group

    Mail.Ru – Providing safety in email links and browser.
    Russia’s leading Internet company Mail.Ru actively works to provide their users with the safest services and products possible.

    All links contained in emails received by Mail.ru users are checked through WOT’s reputation database to warn users from following untrustworthy links that could lead to scams, identity theft, malware and other online threats. Mail.Ru’s browser “Internet” integrates WOT’s crowd-sourced reputation ratings.