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Site seems to be exploiting the name of 7-zip, whatever the reason may be. The real website for 7-zip is and it should be used, instead of this site. That way you know what you download. (Even though the current download here seems to point to the real file in Sourceforge, that may not be the case in future.)
blauerBrunniThu Jan 15 1970
Not the original 7zip site. Go to for downloading 7zip
This site isn't the genuine 7-Zip archiving program site, although I haven't found anything dangerous about this site yet. The genuine site is:
THIS SITE IS NOT THE ORIGINAL. Original official website is at + Stay safe on the web with WOT
janimator99Thu Jan 15 1970
fake bad
Valse website van 7-zip
Visit instead.
This is the real website:
Ravi5kumarFri Jan 16 1970
Fake site.
fake site

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