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AARP is a very good site to get information for people that is 50yrs or over also get discounts on hotels and more.
This is a good and safe site to visit.
Ghostery detected 10 trackers on this site. Abine's DoNotTrackMe detected two of them. This is way too many. AARP should be ashamed.
Sign in the office of a doctor I recently visited: "Attention AARP medicare advantage members. AARP pays us less than the cost of processing a PSA test. AARP members must have the test at an independent laboratory, and return the results to us." Yeah, they certainly have the best plans -- for them.
Far too many ads and popups which make it a less desirable site to visit. As a site that purports to cater to older people, less visual clutter is preferable.
AARP is extremely unethical, and has sold out their members regarding Obamacare.
AARP has saved our family a ton of money on insurance and car loans. I am a big supporter.
very necessary infomation to make choice
a site society needed for a long time!
Scam company. AARP stands to make BILLIONS from ObamaCare. I know of no company who recognizes the worth of having an AARP card.
During the Obamacare debate AARP was for it , nothing wrong with that, they have that right. Generation America (a AARP competitor) has come up with 70 pages of E-Mails with AARP higher usp and the White House. During the Obamacare debates AARP denied any collusion. The WH gave AARP marching orders, which AARP followed: One such E-Mail We need [AARP CEO] Barry Rand to go meet with [Florida Senator] Bill Nelson personally and just lay it on the line. We will be with you, we will protect you. But if you kill this bill, seniors will not forget. We are at 59 [Senate votes], we have to have him.
For such a large membership, AARP has one of the most difficult registration and confirmation methods. I had to resort to calling them about our new membership. Thye asked for the same info FOUR times, then told me that they sent the wrong cards out!
I started getting daily spam from AARP as soon as I inquired about a medical issue.
This organization is hated by afa.net, which means that is must be doing something right.
As a member of AARP, I find an endless supply of useful tools. From coupons at the grovery, links to health information, and current legislation that could affect the future generations.
Very informative due to the rise of young children being raised in family homes without a parent. For the child it creates a completely diferent mind set that differs from when the parents of the child were raised.
I am so sick and tired of the spam I get from them. I get at least 3 spam eMails from them a day. Guess that's what I get for being over 55
It is a very informative site.
knowingly hires spammers who use fake removal links/identity harvesters
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