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Is accounts.google.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

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accounts.google.com reviews 235

If you're visiting this site, you're providing information to Google, with all the privacy problems, data abuses, packaging of information and tracking that entails. Think twice before providing any information of any kind to this company: they won't hesitate to package it up with everything else you've ever given them and sell it as a neat bundle to advertisers; after all, they're an advertising company, that's what they do.

This Google sub-domain is used for checking user account activity and changing account settings. Completely safe and connection is encrypted.

Highland What InviceFri Jan 16 1970

Your contract to the real devil.

Google is the worldwide search engine !

MrGoodguy69Fri Jan 16 1970

GMAIL for Google. Privacy issues otherwise safe site.

Their Privacy Policy which take effect in March regarding privacy is bad. They plan to sell user data to 3rd party companies without any expressed written consent

The privacy issues are a concern, and it's not easy to opt out; example Google+. In addition, Google links are embedded a variety of websites. I agree with the other posted comments regarding having too much control.

Use caution and check all privacy settings so you don't leave a huge electronic paper trail. This is the Faustian Bargain you do all the time with Google as it monopolizes a good chunk of the internet with very useful stuff.

So easy to use, great features and overall good stuff. But then there's NSA and ads… But it's so hard to resist.

thirtysensesFri Jan 16 1970

I use it almost everyday, it helps me a lot!

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