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British charity focusing on Asthma.
Just raised £400 for Asthma UK. on a run I did for them. Because I didn't hit my target of £500 they are threatening legal action for the other £100. Grateful? I think not!
Somewhat surprised by the negative comments. Not to mention bad customer experience. If more AUK members knew about this site, you can be sure the good customer experience would far outweigh the bad. Somewhat surprised by the category - Vendor reliability - as most publications are free. Are we talking about the same site? Had it not been for AUK when, two years ago, I was finally diagnosed as having asthma, I don't know where I would be now. Very down-hearted and at an all time low. I suspect. I googled asthma at the time and came across many sites, Feb 2009, that seemed to suggest life would never be the same again and basically all I would do was get worse and die. Very fortunately, I came across ***** and immediately felt they'd thrown a lifeline to me. Such nice kind folks on the forums, good advice from their own asthma nurses - contactable by phone or email. Felt better instantly. I have made many good friends on their forums. There is always a shoulder to lean on if the going gets tough. Many a smile too on the fun threads. One thing I would say, there are, unfortunately and in common with other forums all over the web, some folk who make it their business to complain to all and sundry instead of taking it up with the site themselves. Anything I've been unhappy with has been dealt with by the moderators or AUK themselves. Please give this site a go,
Registered my details and now constantly receive spam mail from them!
34 negative and no positive responses other than the one from the person that works for them. Is that individual on commission? As an asthmastic I will never raise a penny for this charity again. They are greedy will do anything to get your money without so much as a bye your leave afterwards. Steer clear of this huge organisations that has enough money already and very rarely use it for the right reasons!
Others' negative experiences with the charity aren't directly related to the trustworthiness of the website itself, which provides excellent resources and help for those who seek reliable information and support.
Hi there, I work for Asthma UK and I'm disappointed and very surprised at the comments here. We work hard to provide help and support to everyone who raises money for us - no matter how big or small their donation - and we always say thank you. We have received many emails, letters and phone calls from our fundraisers expressing gratitude for the support they've received from Asthma UK. For those people who've experienced a bad service, I would encourage you to call us so we can talk to you about your concerns. Our Supporter and Information team are available on 0800 121 62 55 or you can email us at info@asthma.org.uk.
I was also threatened with court when i didn't raise as much as I said I would! Not my idea of a charity!
It is a useful site. I am concerned that it is marked amber simply because some people are unhappy about not being thanked for donations!
Hate this organization i too raised money and wasn't thanked or anything, they just took the money and left it at that.
Bad, bad, bad organisation, why has no one exposed them as the frauds that they are
Can only echo what I've heard elsewhere about them. It's amazing how a charity can be so aggressive with people trying to raise money for them. I too raised about £6k for them and was then threatened with legal action when I didn't meet my own expected target of £10k. You would have thought they would be grateful for the £6000 rather than wanting to sue me! Beware if you are planning to raise money for these people!
Having raised about £10k for them I was never once thanked and in fact threatened with court because one newspaper had said that I raised more than I did! Avoid if possible!

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