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Is botmasterlabs.net safe? Reviews & Ratings

XRumer 12.0.5 Elite + Hrefer 4.1 Professional

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botmasterlabs.net reviews 11

Provides XRumer, a powerful blackhat spam tool.

blackhat SEO spam tool/botnet.

wildman424Fri Jan 16 1970

deals in spamware

selling and hosting spambots

Sells Xrumer, an automated, highly invasive spamming engine used by scammers for black-hat Internet Marketing.


spamming spammers hitting spamtraps


Самое мерзкое, что этот сайт рекламируется в Яндекс-Директ.

This software is used to spam forums with bot accounts,
It can be used for any site, but they use it themselves to create their own traffic.
It only exists to sell itself.

John HoganSat Jan 17 1970

The site itself is not dangerous, or the software to the user, and that should be the distinction for a rating of a site. The browser isn't being attacked or tricks being used, so its safe to look at to learn about this technology.

The software that these guys rent does create spam on other websites for the purposes of ranking in googles on their money-sites websites.

Site-raterSun Jan 18 1970

Sells malware that was used to spam my forums.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Malware or virusesSpam


5 / 100

Child Safety

1 / 100