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This is the official website for Buyee.
this Site is full of scammers and no protection at all
Shopping with Buyee was a nightmare. I had to reach out to customer service upwards of 50-80 times because they ignored requests, neglected to reply, misunderstood, used confusing English, changed customer service rep for every single email sent, misreported package weight and content, and in the end shipped the package with tons of mistakes. This company reeks of a scam. The customer service reps use polite terms, but that doesn't help when they refuse to give out information, or consistently offer misinformation and contradictory statements. I ended up overpaying for a shipment lacking in contents and after 2 months delay. One parcel never made it. I'm probably looking at a $3000 loss. There are so many red flags with Buyee that I don't know where to begin. I regret ever taking a chance on them.
Very useful service. Yes, the fees can get a little more pricey, but if you check the prices carefully and what they gonna cost, then you are good. They mostly serviced my stuffs under a week with care. Website seems to be made well for English peoples, but you still kinda need to check what item says or what item you must type. But im not very sure why must say its a scam, if its Proxy Service. Of course they will be expensive, but just look the fees and prices first before you buy anything.
Scummy advertising, unclear instructions, poor customer service, and TONS OF HIDDEN FEES. Said free coupon, I received the coupons but they never applied to my order and the god damn unclear instructions to how to use those coupons, I spent 1 hours looking for the ways how to use the coupons for my order but never figured out. So I placed the ordering hoping that the coupon will automatically activate, but it never did. I contacted the company, they said "follow these steps next time you order."Well screw that, never going to order from this sleazy company again. Furthermore, they not only they charge for receiving your items, they also charge when shipping and tons of hidden fees. I ended up having to pay triple the price for the original item. I won't be crying over spilled milk, but beware people, this company is a scummy and greedy. Edit
Hi , Thank you for the review. I have tried out buyee but i seriously dont recommend using them . They are really shady and scammer. I ask them for consolidation on the 3rd of June and they even get my money saying the consolidation of package was done. I could not found the consolidation parcel at all, so i ask them again on 5 th June. Today, they reply me saying the parcel was throw away because it last over 90 days. They did not even send me email before saying its last over 90 days and its throw away during consolidation. I am so mad about how they treat a customer as they took my money and send me email saying the consolidation was complete, but now just told me they throw it away during consolidation. Inside the parcel was all expensive bottle of cognac and i highly suggested they ' throw it away' with reason. Its not the first time they treat my bottle like this. I once send a parcel to hong kong, and before it even reach hong kong, its already broken and the Hong Kong airport need to use extra plastic bag . Hong Kong post office told me that their staff in airport realise the bottle was damaged before it is delivered , so thats why they using extra plastic bag for the whole parcel. for that parcel , i paid extra money for the safety package and i ask them what will they do about the damaged parcel . They ignore my message and did not even refund me . I am so furious about this agent and I send them email again and even attached the damaged report from hong kong post office to them and make sure a copy were send to japan post office. They finally replied me and say the refund is complete. I checked my account for two weeks and i ask them why there is no refund yet. They said it was complete and afterward send me another email saying the refund system was in error and ask me to wait. Now, i still havnt received the refund and its been 1 month. I highly recommend people should not use buyee. They use a lot of excuse and dont act as a responsible agent auction company. Seriously, DONT USE BUYEE ! I have already tried it out how terrible they are , people dont need to try out how terrible they are.
I find this website informative.
***** is a great yahoo auction proxy site. I've ordered from them with no issues whatsoever.

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