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Site appears to be hacked and will make you go through numerous redirects through sites that may contain adware and are scams.
70 percent vote for this site from me
Many of the criticisms of other Christians are unfounded and without documentation.  Very condescending and self-righteous tone.
Respecting site that, unlike many others, doesn't convey things such as hate. However, they repeatedly miss on the science. One example would be "Thus, to say that the majority of scientists accept evolution may be true on the surface, but that is about as far as their acceptance goes anyway. If a person wants to really find out which is true, it is best to dig into the evidence and read what has been written on both sides. When one meets those who have done so, one just might find a few more creationists than one expected to find, and an even greater number of anti-evolutionists. *Scientifically*, evolution is not something that has been shown to work. Yes, plants and animals change. They can vary in some possibly startling ways. But no breeder of horses, or dogs, or cattle, and no parent, when they hear, "there seems to be a mutation . . . " is going to excitedly ask, "Is it a good one?" This is false and misleading. I would give them a good rating provided they did some research.
General anti-science nonsense.
It is important to look at all points of view. The site has a ton of information - just remember that they have an agenda - and they are proud of it. Read, learn, be skeptical but not closed minded.
Very helpful. @Xird. Criminals don't go to heaven.
Agree of disagree, it's a safe site. Does not promote hate. Do not listen to any bigots who tell you otherwise
Although I disagree with many of the views on this site and of Mormons in general, there is nothing inherently wrong with this site. It's completely safe and there is nothing to worry about when going her, other than the fact that some of the denomination's teachings are contradictory to the mainstream religion. Nevertheless, it's a safe site.
Good site on defending Biblical Christianity and informative on extrabiblical movements
You disagreeing with it does not make it unethical! You can agree or disagree with the information, but the site is safe.
"Your works won't help you (Rom. 3:10-12; Isaiah 64:6), nor will your sincerity. You can never be good enough and you have nothing to offer God except your sinfulness." Why is kindness and helpfulness meaningless in the eyes of god? It doesn't make much sense to allow Christian criminals to go to heaven, but send good, kind atheists to hell.
Well known Christian apologetic site.
I disagree with many of the positions on this site, but it is neither hateful nor fanatical.
Great site for Christians AND Atheists, arguments are well organized and easy to find.
Powerful apologetic site.
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