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clickserve.dart…ch.net reviews 22

It's an advertising service…

everettewhiteThu Jan 15 1970

this company has such deplorable reviews, so why are they rated so highly? just do a search for reviews of this company. another reason why i hate the WOT utility. it's a bit ignorant.

to all future commentators: think before you post!

this site has nothing to do with fishing, frauds or anything else. it's just a tracking-tool in the background to make advertising on google more personal and less irrelevant -> a simple redirect which is 1. not affecting your bandwith 2. not infecting your pc with unfriendly stuff. if you'd react so hysterical in real life (offline) you should defenetly be aware of talking to someone else expect the man in the mirror.

D. Lloyd BarrowsThu Jan 15 1970

Fraud!! Phifhing !! DO NOT USE THIS LINK!!!

A google sponsored link with false labeling. Note the capital letters in the link's domain name.

Oriental DiamondThu Jan 15 1970

bad site

neilthecellistThu Jan 15 1970

This is NOT the real credit report site.

Redirection of http://wilddunes.com

\this is what the site does it false labels nuff said

clickserve.dartsearch.net is listed in OpenDNS's Block Tool http://forums.opendns.com

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73 / 100

Child Safety

77 / 100