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Is destructoid.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

Destructoid reviews Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PC, 3DS, PS Vita & iPhone games with funny news, previews, trailers, guides & PS4, Next Xbox, rumors, Dtoid

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destructoid.com reviews 23

Avast! Anti-Virus detected a virus coming from this site.

Warning: Malware!

Silent ObserverThu Jan 15 1970

I Just got linked to this site off of a forum, and as soon as I disabled NoScript my virus protection ( Avast! ) came up and told me the site was trying to download malicious content onto my computer.

The infected content was probably from one of the ad scripts that was previously blocked.

mature content and nude images may appear.

DanZ_in_TNThu Jan 15 1970

7 JavaScript web bugs for tracking/advertising companies (per NoScript). Good privacy? Trustworthy?
See http://w2.eff.org/Privacy/Marketing/web_bug.html

ArwingAce21Thu Jan 15 1970

Malware is present; Avast! blocked the page from loading. Use at your own risk.

TexanWalrusThu Jan 15 1970

Avast caught it.

Be cautious using this site. While a few other commentators have said this site contains malware, I did a little research and it seems it could be false positives stemming from website updates.

It could be a false positive, it could be not – but access the site at your own risk.

Skywalker_1Thu Jan 15 1970

Malicious website!

Informatioon filled site for fans of a variety of video games.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


92 / 100

Child Safety

89 / 100